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Can the Internet Nullify Islamophobia?

Social Media Improvements As mentioned in the last post, Twitter has made vast strides in making their platform a difficult place to promote terrorism. However, Facebook needs to make improvements. The main reason for this is because of an algorithm…. Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap So far on this blog, the ways in which the internet and social media can disrupt social harmony has been in the spotlight. It’s true that the media people consume online can have a massive impact on… Continue Reading →

Internet Savvy Extremists

Internet Savvy Extremists Similarly to how the EDL grew, extremist terrorist organisations are utilising social media platforms to spread propaganda and create global disharmony. The internet is used by both groups to incite hatred. Videos of Beheadings In a 2015… Continue Reading →

The Islamophobic EDL

The EDL The EDL – English Defence League – was formed in Luton in 2009, and Tommy Robinson was identified as the de facto leader. It’s a far-right organisation that was initially formed in response to a protest by Islamist groups against… Continue Reading →

The Digital Impact on Islamophobia: an overview

Hello World, you seem to have stumbled across my blog. This is the place where I’ll be exploring the digital impact on the issue of Islamophobia in British society. This is becoming a prevalent issue, and I’ll analyse how technology… Continue Reading →

Voice and Tone

This post will be outlining some rules, about voice and tone, that I will be sticking to throughout this blog. I intend to keep up a professional register, but also throw in some colloquial or informal phrases – to make… Continue Reading →


Digital technology has affected music in a multitude of ways, some of these ways can be seen in my other four blog posts, such as the influence of social media and streaming platforms. Another way in which the rise of… Continue Reading →

Virtual Exposure Amongst Teens,Adolescents And More

Hope you liked my last post. This post will have the same format as my last post.Less talking and more scientific facts because honestly i did not know much about this subject so i had to do some scientific research…. Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying on LGBTQ

Have you ever been cyberbullied? I have never been but this subject is very interesting and i would like to discuss it for my new blog post. To be more clear i would discuss about cyberbully impact on LBQT yeah… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe

           Hey people hope you’re all doing fine and welcome to my new post about AI which stands for artificial intelligence. Don’t worry cause I won’t be talking about the old sci-fi movies where the AI… Continue Reading →

Social Media: Distractive or Helpful

             Hey everyone, welcome to my very new post and it will be about social media and how it could be useful for education.              It is possible to say… Continue Reading →

Gaming or Gambling ?

              Do you ever play games, online, offline, mobile or computer games? Does not matter what kind of game you’re playing or what platform you are using, if you describe yourself such gamer then with… Continue Reading →

Infinite Knowledge on Animals: The Video

The following video is comprised with home pet videos combined with farm animals filmed by myself and friends I hope that throughout this video, we see that animals are no different. They all long for love and shouldn’t be treated… Continue Reading →


PODCAST Hey guys! Hope you have enjoyed all of my blog posts. Tonight’s post is the first @goodvibesonly podcast and I had the help of Capryce Dunning and Abi Mansfield who helped me make it possible. They are both University… Continue Reading →

How social media channels can help travel agencies generate more revenue

Social Media is a digital gold mine for marketers. According to  there are over 4 billion global users of the Internet in 2018. With over 3 billion people on social media sites as you learned in how to optimize for… Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks

  Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well… on that note, I wanted to give you all some tips and tricks for staying positive! It is super important to keep all of these tips in mind when going on your… Continue Reading →

Life’s a pitch

  The majority of technological advancements in football have been produced to improve the way that the game is played. One big recent invention for the sport was designed to ensure that fixtures kicked off in the first place. I… Continue Reading →

Video Games and their Influence on Society

The popularity of video games has dramatically increased in recent years and in turn so has its influence on society. When you look back at ‘old school’ consoles such as the GameCube and Sega Megadrive in comparison to modern consoles… Continue Reading →

Women are rewriting the rules of social media

Who says women can’t make their own rules when using social media? It’s 2019 and it’s time to make a stand! No more hesitations and overthinking. Something I’ve learnt over the years is to never question whether or not to post on… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Video Gaming Platforms

If you are interested in learning how much video gaming consoles have changed in the past 40 years then please click the video down below:

Streetwear and Tear: Podcast

How did streetwear even start? Who even created streetwear? Is the term ‘streetwear’ dying out and will we lose ‘underground’ brands forever? Listen to our first ever podcast discussing streetwear in all its glory (and misfortunes)! The digital landscape has… Continue Reading →

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