YouTube- The fake reality

Here’s a different question for you… Have you seen the Netflix TV series ‘Black mirror’? If so you will be familiar with the episode ‘White Bear’. (If you haven’t it’s definitely worth watch)

Through the episode, Charlie Brooker portrays a fake reality, where it is revealed that the cast are in fact actors on a film set, and the whole episode is staged. There is a reason but I wont go into the plot twist right now however it is important to consider how we could link this with YouTube.

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‘The relatable Youtuber’

An audience becomes immersed with the unique world of YouTube and the videos it has to offer,. Viewers are obsessed with watching their ‘perfect lives’ or prank videos but have we ever stopped to question whether the videos we are watching are in fact… a fake reality.

We are frequently told that Youtubers are “just like us” but this is hard to believe when we see them jet off to Paris or New York. It feels somewhat contrived when the following week they are uploading Primark hauls, back to being “just like us and the girl next door”.

Selective Power

Youtubers uphold the power to selectively choose what is kept within their videos when editing. I’m not saying myself as a viewer that I would like to see arguments or Youtubers being generally upset but I feel like content creators think their audience are naïve. We do realise that nobody’s day can ever be perfect, despite the titles of videos always relating to this perception of perfection. We also have discuss how the personality of Youtubers can be fake they have the desire to need to cover every basis to reach a mass audience, which of course increases their revenue.

Team 10

Lets talk about controversial Youtube star Jake Paul. Jake founded Team 10, a production company in America made up of different Youtubers. All the members live in the same house and use their collective power to make content together. They have teamed up in the hope of dominating social media and Hollywood. Now I’m a Youtube fanatic but even I didn’t know who they were… maybe it shows my age.

It has also been brought to light through Shane Dawson’s documentaries “The mind of Jake Paul”.

Nick Crompton, Co founder of Team 10 states “I feel like pretty much everyone that’s a little bit older knows that it’s all fake…  It’s just difficult to say that they’re fake when there’s still loads of young kids watching and enjoying it”. He further exclaims “But we were making money at the same time and it was a business”.

Crompton adds that one prank in particular — in which Paul destroys a bedroom belonging to former members The Martinez Twins — was also staged. Given that the twins cited it as a major point of contention after their departure, this calls into question their claims that Paul tortured them with his unrelenting antics. We begin to question if anything is real anymore on Youtube.

lies, lies, and more lies 

As if pranks aren’t enough, it was recently revealed that he faked his personal relationship with Erika Costell, In an interview with the New York Times he admitted that the whole relationship was fake.



“We’re not even actually dating,” Jake told the Times. “It’s like the WWE. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things in entertainment.”

So that Vlog back in June uploaded by Jake Paul titled, “WE ACTUALLY GOT MARRIED…”? Yeah, they didn’t actually get married another tedious example of clickbait. for those of you who don’t know clickbait is the skill of luring in a viewer using a certain title or image for the vide.









Both Jake and Erika kept up the illusion pretty convincingly ‘vlogging’ together as a married couple and tweeting about married life. Paul put out a convincing statement This right here is why people have trust issues, fans would be invested in their relationship, taking their time to watch their Vlogs. Youtubers are manipulating their audience within the digital age.

Established creators have begun to use clickbait to boost their content – or to hide the true nature of the video.


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