Voice and Tone

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This blog has been designed to question the popularity of Youtube and to explore how the social media site entices young people into forming an addiction into watching Youtube and following these Youtube lifestyles through their social media platforms. I find myself being intrigued into watching pointless hauls and prank videos and want to explore what makes them so watchable to a young audience.

With this in mind the writing style on my blog will always adhere to the following rules:

Self reflective – In no way do I claim to be an official expert about Youtube, through this blog I am merely just sharing my personal experience with how Youtube has got in the way of my everyday life.

Personal– I aim to share personal anecdotes, making my blog relatable.

Informative– looking at posting one blog post a week, I will explore the positive and negative aspects of Youtube.

Colloquial– My blog will not have a formal or academic style instead it will have a friendly and inviting tone.