About me & this blog :-)


Hello! My name is Gabi, I am 19 years old and as part of my uni degree, I have started writing this blog about the impact that the digital world has on the bisexual community. As someone who considers herself to be part of not only the LGBTQ but also the bisexual community, I feel like I have the right perspective to write about how bisexual issues are aired online and how certain online trends and digital platforms affect the bi community.

So, why should you read this blog? Weeeell, I always try my hardest to do thorough and in depth research into every topic that I do, week by week. I feature online articles, YouTube videos and links to other resources so that you guys, reading my blog, can further look into the things I talk about. I also talk about my own opinion which I’m always happy to discuss in the comments , to encourage debate and conversation about certain issues. I am also happy to chat about my own experiences within my posts, and hope that people can somewhat relate to them!

I also have a Twitter, which you can check out in the displayed menu on the main page of my blog. Feel free to give it a follow, if you want more bisexual discussion content, from yours truly x