Voice & Tone

This blog will attempt to engage with and discuss the ways that the Premier League has shifted since the rise of social-media. I will welcome all forms of discussion from readers as any suggestions and input that anyone gives could be a great help to many others and may require further investigation by myself. In order to keep this discussion positive and engaging I will make sure my blog posts are:

Researched: The content I post and opinions I give will always be backed up by statistics or by the knowledge I’ve acquired from using the platforms I discuss. I will make sure to consider as many variables as possible and judge the degree of change from the perspective of both the fans and the clubs. All sources discussed will be referenced and I will make sure any information I source is credible and relevant to what I’m discussing.

Detailed: My content will include a lot of analysis on exactly how the Premier League operates online and how it differs to how it was run in the past. I’ll make sure my analysis is properly explained and cross referenced with previous work. I’ll also make sure to use statitiscs and look at the Premier Leagues social pages in order to give me a full overview of the landscape of the Premier League both before and after it had an online presence.

Honest: Although I am a fan of Premier League football I will be honest in my assessment of how it’s changed over the years. I will address any shortcomings in its behaviour online and be honest in my judgement of exactly what it’s goals are as a corporation. I won’t discuss the club I support (Southampton), as my opinion of the content they produce is inevitably biased and won’t allow for fair judgements to be made.