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about me

A photo of the author
Photo of the author.

My name is Liza and I am a Communication and Media graduate from Bournemouth University (BU). During my education I developed a specific interest for Advertising and Marketing. I also had multiple opportunities to gain experience in PR, Journalism, copyright, and other media aspects. 

I speak fluent English and Bulgarian, and a bit of German. Next on the agenda: to refresh my German.

I am interested in global politics and current affairs.

I am passionate about indie rock and contemporary RnB music. Some of my favourite artists are:

The Neighbourhood

The Wombats

Tyler, The Creator

The Weeknd

Childish Gambino


Fun fact about me is that I have spent the better part of my life on stage: I spent years as a Bulgarian folklore singer and dancer. 

about the Portfolio

LIZA’S PORTFOLIO: the name speaks for itself. Here I have put together my creative work over the years. This includes university, individual and work projects. The list is constantly being updated as I like to keep myself busy and to create whatever and whenever I can.

During my education at BU I  covered a variety of modules,  such as:

Marketing Communication

Public Relations



Web and Mobile Communication

Academic and Creative writing

Global Current Affairs.

Therefore, the things I have created vary and are not focused on one category. I personally find this great. The time I spent at BU was a great opportunity to explore the media in its variety and to acquire fundamental skills in multiple disciplines. 

I have worked in Journalism and Advertising Production. I am a proud Salzburg Global Seminar fellow. My university work includes advertising and marketing campaigns, journalistic writing, creating content for the web, social media audience engagement, even short film and advert scriptwriting.

I am currently doing a short Products and Services Marketing internship at a telecommunications company and I am excited to publish more on that later on.

If you have ideas for some exciting new project and would like to collaborate with me,  visit the Contact page where you can find out how to contact me. 

I am always open for new opportunities in the creative advertising and marketing industry.