A photo of the auther, the director of the film and the other co-creators, at the NATO Leaders Meeting 2019


DETERRENCE – a feature-length documentary about NATO and European security today. This is not my personal project. It is rather a project I contributed to as a research and production assistant. Therefore, I have posted it under the CONTRIBUTIONS category.

I have observed that a lot of young people are not familiar with what The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is and what it does. Many are not aware that it is in fact responsible for their and their families’ security, hence their entire way of living.

DETERRENCE is an eye-opening series concerning the future of young people like me.

Click here to access the documentary.

It was written, directed and produced by Roman Gerodimos. It was also co-created with students from Bournemouth University.

Roman was my Global Current Affairs lecturer, an unquestionable talent and an exceptionally inspiring and intelligent person. It was an honour to be his student and to contribute to the making of the documentary.

For the purpose we attended the NATO Leaders Meeting 2019 at The Grove, London. Our team attended press conferences of NATO leaders, interviewed people relevant for the series – foreign correspondents, diplomats, security experts, and more.

Before it all began, we had an assignment to evaluate NATO’s role in European security. It has been quite a long time since I made this research and presentation. Naturally, many of my demonstrated skills have improved ever since.

Click here to access my presentation about NATO’s role in European Security.

A photo of Boris Johnson at the Nato Leaders Meeting 2019
At the press conference with Boris Johnson
A photo of French President Emmanuel Macron, at the NATO Leaders Meeting 2019
Press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron

This whole journey was an honourable experience and an event in my life filled with unforgettable encounters. I am grateful for the opportunity to leave a (small) trace in the global politics and European security.

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