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So 2019 is here and we’ve already kick started it with a new fitness challenge! Or is it more than just a fitness challenge? The real question is, how long is #Veganuary actually going to last for the 170,000 people… Continue Reading →

The Future is Vegan?

On the Rise: We know that Veganism is on the rise with the number of vegans having drastically increased within in recent years, throughout discussing various topics throughout my blog post it all comes down to how the internet has… Continue Reading →

Starter- How has Social Media Affected the Vegan and Vegetarian Movements?

  Welcome to your starter at AvocaDee, we hope you enjoyed your light amuse bouche. For starter today we have wholemeal flatbreads with aubergine, vegan halloumi and vegan hummus. Yes vegan, haven’t you heard? It’s the new thing… today on… Continue Reading →

Best Of Both Worlds

BBQ PULLED JACKFRUIT This week’s post is a little different, I have spoken a lot about creating delicious food out of plants! So, I wanted to show you just that. I thought where better to start than a simple, quick… Continue Reading →

Do it for the gram !

Veganism is on the rise so much so that it has become trendy over the recent years, almost sounding quite the cliché when declaring yourself as Vegan. I often get the odd eye roll as if people are just tired… Continue Reading →

Why becoming vegan should NOT be a Pledge of perfection

For a lot of people, becoming vegan stems from the intention to do good. However, in this day and age with the growth of the internet and social comparison over social media sites, I question If we have become unable… Continue Reading →

Your Planet, your choice !

There are many reasons why you might consider going vegan. Firstly, let’s talk about facts! 1)The UN recently declared that we only have 12 years to fix climate change. 2) Animal agriculture (farming of animals) is responsible for ‘64% of… Continue Reading →

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