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  Hi everyone, switching things up this week with the blog post! I hope you enjoy the podcast, let me know if you enjoy this and I will make sure to do more in the future. Its discussing whether the… Continue Reading →

What do you think?

Hey Guys! Welcome back, this week we’re doing something special and I have attempted to create a podcast with a fellow student. In such we discuss how music is changing, if they feel that streaming is impacting the way they… Continue Reading →

Podcast With Ashley Woodfall

The following podcast is an interview with Ashley Woodfall who has a long experience in the TV industry. He is a co-convener of the Children’s Media Foundation (CMF). His primary research is on children and cross-platform media which makes him… Continue Reading →


Hope you’re all well! i’ve got something a bit different for you all this week. I sat down for a really nice chat with Maike Meyer (@Fitnessfreakco1 )  and Becca Heath (@digitallyperfct)   It was really insightful and great as always… Continue Reading →

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