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Publicity through the Public

Among some of the biggest changes to music festival is are the artists. Fashion and festival goers- whilst far more digital- still hold the hippy, carefree nature of the festival, just in their own, modern, Instagram friendly way. Artists, however,… Continue Reading →

Podcast: A Chat with Jo Robinson

welcome to my first podcast! this week, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Jo Robinson. jo owns ‘the kitchen’, which is a very successful restaurant in Farnborough, with her husband Anthony.

Cyberbullying – what is it & why does it happen?

PODCAST “Cyberbully is the use when a person uses an electronic piece of communication to bully a person. Typically being intimidating, harsh or threatening comments.” In todays day and age, cyberbullying has turned into a social norm. It has become… Continue Reading →

How Us Girls Can Use Social Media to Get Recognized in The Music Industry

We all know that the likes of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes used social media to boost them into the music industry. But this platform for fame definitely isn’t ‘Strictly Boys Only’. Female musicians have also utilized the use of… Continue Reading →

Social media shifting direction for the food industry

Social media has changed the way we all interact with each other but for chefs it made them start to interact. For a long time chefs were very closed off with their careers, everything was very “My secrets! My ideas!… Continue Reading →

Overly Connected?

Technology means we’re constantly connected. As discussed in my previous post, technology is incredible for people that are physically apart from people that they want to remain close to. If we miss somebody and want to let them know, all… Continue Reading →

The dark-side of social media? -Podcast

As mentioned in the last blog, This podcast discusses the negative impacts that social media has in relation to the fitness community.  I think that this is an important subject to discuss as it shows the deeper digital impact on… Continue Reading →

Online Shopping: A New Dawn

Online shopping is a huge eCommerce enterprise, with so many channels and complexities that it’s becoming an entirely new industry itself. Waves of younger generation shoppers are facilitated in a more accessible and more customizable online landscape, allowing for online… Continue Reading →

Relationships Impacted by Social Media: Good or Bad?

Today in 2018, we are able to communicate with nearly whoever we want through our technological devices. Texting Personally, my main form of communicating with people, as a young adult, is by text. Including emojis, and kisses in all of… Continue Reading →

Frightful Facebook

Personally, for me, I cannot remember a time without social media. For me I would watch my older sister go on Bebo and Myspace and wonder what type of things were on there. I was so naive to the world… Continue Reading →

Fake News, Fake Politics. How to prepare yourself in the digital age

Hello, and welcome back! With Christmas being over and the new year approaching I thought it would be a great time to discuss fake news so that we can all start the new year prepared and ready to fight fake… Continue Reading →

Cheese Board-Digital Disruption, Where is it taking the food industry?

How was your dessert? We will now be serving you the final course, a cheese board. We’ve ditched the typical brie and chutney, along with good old Jacobs crackers to keep up with the digital disruption of the food industry…. Continue Reading →

YouTube Podcast- ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’

Podcast- ‘ Youtube the good, the bad and the Ugly’  This weeks post is very exciting down below is a link to my first ever Podcast!!


It’s impossible to think about the post Instagram festival and not think about the outfits. #Festivalfashion is massive, the bigger, the glitterier the better. So much so people are now ‘Instagram famous’ through their festival style. Companies such as pretty… Continue Reading →

How is social media affecting our confidence?

“UNFOLLOW ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES THAT RUINS YOUR CONFIDENCE” Social media is the first thing the young generation look at in the morning and the last thing before they go to bed. With body confidence being such an issue in… Continue Reading →

Dessert-Good Food is not Enough! Dining Trends of the Digital Age.

For this course we have something completely different Ben and Jerrys Phish Food ice cream. The trend of 2011 when you would beg your mum for some on a Friday night to sit and watch St.Trianans with, thinking you were… Continue Reading →

Food content is rife online and so are the possibilities.

The amount of food content online is at an all time high right now and it seems we all can’t get enough of it. It’s everywhere from On Demand pages to every social media platform available. Though are we spending… Continue Reading →

Are Restaurants Your New Best Friend On Social Media?

As social media has become one of the most prominent marketing tools out there, most customers now expect it. have you ever wondered how Restaurants have begun integrating platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter into their campaigns? well, here’s all… Continue Reading →

Social Media, where did it begin?

“SO-CIAL ME-DI-A” A term to describe the current state of the Internet and the place where the consumers attention is. Social media has become a massive part of our lives over the last two decades. We are now able to… Continue Reading →

Coping With The Distance

I began unpacking my two suitcases in my beautiful new bedroom. I had socks in my hands and thought “I don’t know where these go.” And that tiny thought caused my breakdown. It was all because I couldn’t decide which drawer… Continue Reading →

Social Media and the Pressures of Healthy Eating: What is the Best Diet?

Social media has been a huge part of how I gained knowledge and formed my impression of what is a healthy diet. Healthy eating has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years. I’ve tried so… Continue Reading →

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