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Streetwear and Tear: Podcast

How did streetwear even start? Who even created streetwear? Is the term ‘streetwear’ dying out and will we lose ‘underground’ brands forever? Listen to our first ever podcast discussing streetwear in all its glory (and misfortunes)! The digital landscape has… Continue Reading →


Welcome Back! For the final post, I thought I would do a podcast. I wanted to see out of all of the issues that I have discussed, what you found the most identifiable. Have a listen and see if you… Continue Reading →


Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great week. Today’s post is a little bit different to a usual post. In TH3 R3V0LUT10N’s first podcast guest speaker, Callum Walker Filgate. In this interview, Callum talks about his experience and… Continue Reading →

Podcast: How Has The Digital Age Changed Our Hobbies?

The creator of Avobreak, Ashleigh and her close friend, Tegan talk about their current hobbies, New Years resolutions, as well as looking into whether social media is a hobby!

Adaptation: What has TV and Film done for teen reading?

Welcome to The Paper Screen’s very first podcast! Here, I cover some facts and figures on adaptation and teen reading, and also give you the low down on the Top 5 book to film adaptations of 2019 that you should… Continue Reading →

Youtuber Makeup Brands: Real Effort or Easy Money?

Whose opinion can you really trust? A little podcast about the brand deals and products surrounding famous Youtubers and Influencers. 

Podcast: A Chat with Jo Robinson

welcome to my first podcast! this week, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Jo Robinson. jo owns ‘the kitchen’, which is a very successful restaurant in Farnborough, with her husband Anthony.

Cyberbullying – what is it & why does it happen?

PODCAST “Cyberbully is the use when a person uses an electronic piece of communication to bully a person. Typically being intimidating, harsh or threatening comments.” In todays day and age, cyberbullying has turned into a social norm. It has become… Continue Reading →

The dark-side of social media? -Podcast

As mentioned in the last blog, This podcast discusses the negative impacts that social media has in relation to the fitness community.  I think that this is an important subject to discuss as it shows the deeper digital impact on… Continue Reading →

YouTube Podcast- ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’

Podcast- ‘ Youtube the good, the bad and the Ugly’  This weeks post is very exciting down below is a link to my first ever Podcast!!

The Self: Confidence and Comparison (Podcast)

Have you ever compared yourself to an Instagram model or someone you’ve seen online? I know I definitely have, and it’s actually quite mentally damaging. In-fact, prior studies have shown that people who make comparison to others on social media… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Views On Violence

This is the introduction to Views on Violence, featuring a 10 minute podcast. Throughout this blog I am going to be talking about the digital impact of violence and its effect on today’s generation due to the advancement in technology… Continue Reading →

Dessert-Good Food is not Enough! Dining Trends of the Digital Age.

For this course we have something completely different Ben and Jerrys Phish Food ice cream. The trend of 2011 when you would beg your mum for some on a Friday night to sit and watch St.Trianans with, thinking you were… Continue Reading →

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