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ME TOO – This is a Shift of Narrative

ME TOO – An update on the movement’s news today. #MeToo: the latest step in a centuries long political struggle for women to simply control our own bodies. Alyssa Milano wrote a post on Twitter: “Suggested by a friend: If all… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – The Expected Backlash

#MeToo has been referred to as; a watershed moment for future generations, the biggest feminist movement in history, a unique historical moment…whilst society is moulding to be a more equal and liberal place there are always critics and opposers, so… Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Breaking Down Stereotypes

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ME TOO – An Invite to the Biggest Movement in Feminist History

Yes, this is an invitation to the most ‘unique and eligible movement in history’. Everyone is welcome. Apparently; Men, women, boys and girls anyone who has ever endured sexual harassment or misconduct. Support has been widely offered in response to… Continue Reading →

ME TOO – LGBTQ+ Inclusive?

The movement openly invites ALL women to speak up without fear, but does this not make it particularly exclusive to cis-gender heterosexual women? What about LGBTQ+? A year down the line since the hashtag #MeToo soared the internet and every… Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Jamie Windust

Jamie and I talk about the original concept of the Me Too movement and how it has progressed through the industry. Jamie is an all round fabulous human being! Whilst being a brilliant role model to ALL Jamie is an award winning LGBTQIA+… Continue Reading →

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