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How Universities are getting down and digital

Universities are more connected that ever! Yes UNIVERISTIES! Technology today has never seized to advance and is becoming “increasingly digital”. It is so integrated in society and within the workplace, that there’s no surprise that higher education institutions are also… Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say VR? A Creative and Interactive Way of Learning

Hello and Welcome to The World of Virtual Reality!   Yes, that’s right guys, we’re diving in deep and exploring the ways VR is used within Higher Education. As you may have already learnt from reading my previous blog post: ‘How Universities are Getting Down… Continue Reading →


  Hi everyone, switching things up this week with the blog post! I hope you enjoy the podcast, let me know if you enjoy this and I will make sure to do more in the future. Its discussing whether the… Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, i thought as we’re now into the New Year i would do a podcast reflecting the best and most influential body positivity moments of 2018. I hope you all enjoy!

Have we lost the way to woo?

As I was daydreaming the other day like I normally do, I began thinking of a Tinder story that a friend had experienced and I noticed that her and many other people were referring to Tinder as a ‘hookup’ dating… Continue Reading →

Vanity of social media in relationships

Technology  We live in a world where we are surrounded by technology and most of us depend on it for everyday use. Although there is many perks of the constant growth of technology it has affected our relationships.

Business communication: Impact of Mobile Technologies

            The expansion of digital technology and its impact on the mobile phone industry has resulted in the evolution of business strategies in recent years.  The ever-changing mobile technologies have made change in business strategies possible, thus making business-related processes… Continue Reading →

What is in a student phone?

A brief insight into a student’s phone. What they use on a daily basis, the ins and outs of how they go about social media and what their lives revolve around. Get a deeper look into why young people spend… Continue Reading →


Hope you’re all well! i’ve got something a bit different for you all this week. I sat down for a really nice chat with Maike Meyer (@Fitnessfreakco1 )  and Becca Heath (@digitallyperfct)   It was really insightful and great as always… Continue Reading →

A record of good memories

Everyone has good memories. memories of family, friends, and loved ones impressed by the impressive scenery while travelling… and precious and beautiful memories. There will be many ways to record those warm memories. You can write down my memories in… Continue Reading →

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