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Video Games and their Influence on Society

The popularity of video games has dramatically increased in recent years and in turn so has its influence on society. When you look back at ‘old school’ consoles such as the GameCube and Sega Megadrive in comparison to modern consoles… Continue Reading →

Video Games and Crime

So last week’s post was our first look into the more serious impacts video games have on society, but this week we’re going to take that a step further. Videos games were made with the intention of bringing joy, happiness… Continue Reading →

Gaming Addiction

So, if you’ve been keeping up to date with this blog and the effects of video games we’ve explored so far, you’ve probably realized that the topics we’ve looked at, while they are genuine effects that video games are having… Continue Reading →

Celebrity Culture and the Growth of YouTube

At the end of last weeks post I began to explain the way social media has aided the progress of video game success. However, this post will delve into the deeper effects of the internet on video games; more specifically,… Continue Reading →

Merchandise & The youth of today

If you haven’t read it, the first post in this blog was almost an introduction into the effects of video games on society in the way games have evolved throughout the years. This post, however, will look at more obvious… Continue Reading →

Evolution of Video Games

 It all started with Pong, that 2D pixel version of table tennis that bid two players against each other in the ultimate battle of skill and strategy. But video games have come a long way since Pong was introduced in… Continue Reading →

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