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SCP Bounty Hunter Tournament

December and January are usually slow months for the world of poker. It was no different for our poker room at South Coast Poker LTD (SCP). Most people stay at home and watch movies in this cold part of the… Continue Reading →



Website Prototypes for Dummies

Have you ever wondered about how websites were made? I mean without using WordPress. No? Well, neither have I. But as part of my summer placement at the music tech company PhonicScore GmbH in Vienna, Austria, I was able to… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Wellness Summit

The Wellness Summit hosted by Miss Jones was by far my favourite day during my time at my placement. The event was hosted at Mortimer House in London, a really nice and modern style building with an exquisite restaurant located… Continue Reading →

AI(Artificial Intelligence) and e-learning

​The Brookings Institution in the U.S. said AI technology has evolved.  We have published a report that outlines the impact on education and related issues.​​ ​The development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and emerging technology (ET).  Change the job structure.  It… Continue Reading →

Who will win the run of education and technology?

Education is the biggest reason why mankind has been able to grow and develop. Prehistoric education was literally aimed at “survival.” This way, you can catch animals, you can make fire, you can plant crops, etc. They carried out education… Continue Reading →

smart media environment has been changed a lot

The smart media environment, represented by TGIF (Twitter, Google, iPhone and Facebook), is changing the way social members interact, interact and acquire information. We are also more lonely in the extended network of relationships that has enabled new communication technologies…. Continue Reading →

BACOM 5 – Digital Education and the cost of Knowledge

As shown previously the cost of digital education is lower then traditional one. Research shows that to create content on the internet cost magnitude less then to have a teacher teach it to the students as it allows for unlimited… Continue Reading →

BACOM 4- Impact of digital technology on Technology-assessments

For the longest time in history, the way students were assessed on their work hasn’t changed. For the most part there has whether been a long exam or some sort of coursework or practical exercise. In recent years however, there… Continue Reading →

BACOM 3- The impact of digital technology on education in developing countries

Digital technology made a huge progress in the educational department in the last ten years. There are new interactive teaching websites and other ways people all around the world can access wast portals of knowledge. This phenomenon where people of… Continue Reading →

BACOM 2- Potential Negatives of online Higher education

We have discussed some of the benefits using the digital technology to progress the educational systems set in place for students of all levels. There is however a discussion in the academical circles about the potential negatives of using solely… Continue Reading →

BACOM 1- Introducing Digital Technology and it’s impact on Education

Digital technology in relationship to education can have many meanings. The one i want to focus on is the new way many people are studying and that is by using online resources rather then by physically attending lesson or lectures… Continue Reading →


Welcome to InDiTech. –   ‘A simple yet insightful blog about the ever-growing digital world and it’s impact on education today.’ Digital technology has expanded overtime, bringing life to  learning in an interactive & inclusive way for all!

Virtual Exposure Amongst Teens,Adolescents And More

Hope you liked my last post. This post will have the same format as my last post.Less talking and more scientific facts because honestly i did not know much about this subject so i had to do some scientific research…. Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying on LGBTQ

Have you ever been cyberbullied? I have never been but this subject is very interesting and i would like to discuss it for my new blog post. To be more clear i would discuss about cyberbully impact on LBQT yeah… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe

           Hey people hope you’re all doing fine and welcome to my new post about AI which stands for artificial intelligence. Don’t worry cause I won’t be talking about the old sci-fi movies where the AI… Continue Reading →

Social Media: Distractive or Helpful

             Hey everyone, welcome to my very new post and it will be about social media and how it could be useful for education.              It is possible to say… Continue Reading →

Gaming or Gambling ?

              Do you ever play games, online, offline, mobile or computer games? Does not matter what kind of game you’re playing or what platform you are using, if you describe yourself such gamer then with… Continue Reading →


PODCAST Hey guys! Hope you have enjoyed all of my blog posts. Tonight’s post is the first @goodvibesonly podcast and I had the help of Capryce Dunning and Abi Mansfield who helped me make it possible. They are both University… Continue Reading →

Life’s a pitch

  The majority of technological advancements in football have been produced to improve the way that the game is played. One big recent invention for the sport was designed to ensure that fixtures kicked off in the first place. I… Continue Reading →

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