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Student to Placement: The Other Side To BU

I’m (almost) six months into my placement and I still feel like I’ve only just started. I guess time flies when you have a routine and you’re enjoying your job. Before starting my placement, I was worried I would have… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Assistant at Student Works

At the beginning of the Summer, I started my short placement at Student Works as a Social Media Assistant. Student Works is an education agency located in Bournemouth and its main aim is to attract international students to the United… Continue Reading →

A Day In The Life: The Ambassador Theatre Group – The Princess Theatre

During my one-month placement with The Ambassador Theatre Group and The Princess Theatre, I was tasked with designing some of the promotional work for this year’s pantomime: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This ranged from the press release to… Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Vinyl Records: Playing Back History

The history of vinyl records is unique to the music distribution industry. Its decline was previously imminent, due to the increased sales in other forms of music distribution. Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense that vinyl has been rising out… Continue Reading →

The Compact Disc: A Dying Concept?

In a time where streaming music dominates our society, there is, what may seem to be, a small minority that still buy Compact Discs (CDs).With sales decreasing year after year, InterMusic is here to take a look at the arguments… Continue Reading →

Fame, Fortune and Fhotos

For this weeks blog post, I decided to do something a little different. I created a video blog (I guess a vlog but not the typical YouTube vlogs you see everyday). This video is all about celebrity privacy and the… Continue Reading →

A Day In A Life: The Digital Student

Today, it is hard to escape technology. It is all around us and needed for everyday activities. However, digital technology evolved. As a result, the way that it is use and viewed has change too. This is particular evident in… Continue Reading →

How Music Boomed The Popularity Of Spanish and Korean

The desire to learn Korean and Spanish skyrocketed due to the popularity of K-Pop and Latin Pop.

The Official Charts: How Does It Work?

The Official Charts “have been a central part of British popular culture for 60 years” and it seems that there are no plans for this to stop. The Official Charts has been a constant impact for music since its inception… Continue Reading →

Little Liabilities

How old were you when you first used the internet? The lives children have today is incredibly different to what mine was. So I can’t imagine how our parents must feel. There is no more playing in the parks. No… Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Perfection

With rise of the “snowflake” generation comes the rise of the pursuit for perfection. Young people are putting more pressure on themselves to reach perfection in their appearance, work, career, etc.

Digital Dependency: O2, Where Are You?

Phones are considered one of the most important thing in some peoples lives, alongside the internet. So, it is not surprising that this product and this service has been combined. However, in the resent #O2down dilemma many people became angry… Continue Reading →

Language Learning: Are Apps and Virtual Reality Effective?

Learning a language has never been so easy since the emergence of Language Learning Apps and Virtual Reality.

Spotify VS Apple Music: The Dynamics of Streaming Music

Spotify and Apple Music are two of the top music streaming platforms across the world.  In 2017, streaming became the “single largest revenue source” with “176 million users of paid subscription accounts globally, with 64 million having been added during… Continue Reading →

Online streaming or cinemas and DVDs? The choice seems to be yours….

Why are some films more successful than others? Are we becoming a society more likely to watch a film on Netflix as opposed to buying a DVD? Will DVDs eventually die out? Keep reading to find some answers…

Frightful Facebook

Personally, for me, I cannot remember a time without social media. For me I would watch my older sister go on Bebo and Myspace and wonder what type of things were on there. I was so naive to the world… Continue Reading →

Yasmin Stefanie and The Blogosphere

An interview with Yasmin Stefanie about her experiences in the blogosphere.

Is The English Language Still The Global Language Online?

Despite the increased diversity of languages online, English continues to be the dominant language of the Internet.

Music Distribution: A History

As a generation who dominantly stream their music, with streaming accounting for “38.4% of global music industry revenue” in 2017, some of us may not know what it was like to live in a time of vinyls, cassettes and compact… Continue Reading →

Fashion Trends of 2018- Do They Only Belong To 2018?

Many different trends have dominated the public catwalk this year, but are they trends from just this year? Can we call fashion trends a ‘trend’ if the same fashion has existed in the past? Are there some fashion trends that… Continue Reading →

The Explorer called Internet

Do you ever get that feeling you are being watched? One second, you’re talking about a new TV show with your friends and the next minute it is being advertised all over the television. Or even looking at a new… Continue Reading →

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