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Will CD’s ever make a comeback?

“substantial CD collection was once the mark of the true muso, with the format hailed for its superior sound quality and, of course, compactness. But many collections now sit gathering dust since the ascent of streaming” Sourced from: The Guardian… Continue Reading →

What do you think?

Hey Guys! Welcome back, this week we’re doing something special and I have attempted to create a podcast with a fellow student. In such we discuss how music is changing, if they feel that streaming is impacting the way they… Continue Reading →

The Charts: Beginning Of The End?

Hey Guys! Welcome back, sorry about last weeks post. Seemed to have been badly affected by some man flu. Before we get into this weeks topic can I just say a huge (slightly late) Merry Christmas to you guys who… Continue Reading →

Streaming: Survival of The Fittest

Hey guys, welcome back! Last week we talked about the rise of streaming and started to look at its impact on the music industry. There’s no better place to look at its impact than looking at how artists themselves have… Continue Reading →

How did we get here?

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! I can’t wait to start this journey with you guys and I’d love to hear your views and thought’s so feel free to get involved with the comment section below. Don’t deny it,… Continue Reading →

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