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Streetwear and Tear: Podcast

How did streetwear even start? Who even created streetwear? Is the term ‘streetwear’ dying out and will we lose ‘underground’ brands forever? Listen to our first ever podcast discussing streetwear in all its glory (and misfortunes)! The digital landscape has… Continue Reading →

Interview with a Premier League fan who’s on Social Media

For my last entry to this blog I though I’d interview a fellow uni student who is an avid follower of football to see what his thoughts about the Premier League online are and find out exactly how he has… Continue Reading →

Festival Podcast!

Hi guys! Todays post is a bit different to my usual posts as I have decided to make a podcast for my readers! I spoke with Holly Clark and Alfie Wilkinson about their experiences with festivals and how digital media… Continue Reading →

What do you think?

Hey Guys! Welcome back, this week we’re doing something special and I have attempted to create a podcast with a fellow student. In such we discuss how music is changing, if they feel that streaming is impacting the way they… Continue Reading →

Adaptation: What has TV and Film done for teen reading?

Welcome to The Paper Screen’s very first podcast! Here, I cover some facts and figures on adaptation and teen reading, and also give you the low down on the Top 5 book to film adaptations of 2019 that you should… Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying – what is it & why does it happen?

PODCAST “Cyberbully is the use when a person uses an electronic piece of communication to bully a person. Typically being intimidating, harsh or threatening comments.” In todays day and age, cyberbullying has turned into a social norm. It has become… Continue Reading →

The dark-side of social media? -Podcast

As mentioned in the last blog, This podcast discusses the negative impacts that social media has in relation to the fitness community.  I think that this is an important subject to discuss as it shows the deeper digital impact on… Continue Reading →

The Self: Confidence and Comparison (Podcast)

Have you ever compared yourself to an Instagram model or someone you’ve seen online? I know I definitely have, and it’s actually quite mentally damaging. In-fact, prior studies have shown that people who make comparison to others on social media… Continue Reading →

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