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Don’t have a date? No worries, date a robot instead

Ok, so if you have followed me on here for a while you will know that I have been trying to find out more information about the Digital Impact on Dating from my perspective of an online dating skeptic. Along… Continue Reading →

Online Dating: The Facts

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great start to 2019! As you might be able to tell from the length of this post, it’s a bit of a different one this week where we will be looking at online dating… Continue Reading →

Have we lost the way to woo?

As I was daydreaming the other day like I normally do, I began thinking of a Tinder story that a friend had experienced and I noticed that her and many other people were referring to Tinder as a ‘hookup’ dating… Continue Reading →

No, it wasn’t fate – it was data

So, by now you may have realised that I’m not that keen about online dating – but I have my reasons! Obviously there are always two sides to a story, so I know that online dating isn’t all that bad,… Continue Reading →

Mr Right or Mr swipe right?

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