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Tips and Tricks

  Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all doing well… on that note, I wanted to give you all some tips and tricks for staying positive! It is super important to keep all of these tips in mind when going on your… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Fitness on Television

Welcome to the ULTIMATE guide to fitness on TV! From reality stars… like Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby to The Apprentice 2018 winner Camilla Ainsworth, everyone is really getting into having/wanting a more healthy lifestyle and we are here for it!… Continue Reading →

Youtuber’s & Social Media Influencers

Right, let’s talk more about the positive and negatives about Social Media influencers/Youtubers! Globally there are thousands.. If not millions of instafamous women who promote clothes, brands, fitness… the list is endless. Lets focus on GraceFitUK for example, as previously… Continue Reading →

More into fitness…

Fitness. A bit of a taboo in today’s generation. Being ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean having the biggest bum or a 6 pack, if you start a fitness journey with overly high expectations then you won’t ever be truly happy with… Continue Reading →

Looking at the bigger picture…literally

OK so believe it or not but someones insta feed is NOT their reality. Let’s look at the bigger picture here… No one is going to post a selfie when they have just thrown up or post when they are… Continue Reading →

Social Media & the Youth

Instagram. An app in which one shares the highlights of one’s life. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Creating this perfect online life for yourself and your life experiences to the world? Well… it might not be as ‘picture perfect’ as you… Continue Reading →

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