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Author Jordan Copperthwaite

Online streaming or cinemas and DVDs? The choice seems to be yours….

Why are some films more successful than others? Are we becoming a society more likely to watch a film on Netflix as opposed to buying a DVD? Will DVDs eventually die out? Keep reading to find some answers…

Fashion Trends of 2018- Do They Only Belong To 2018?

Many different trends have dominated the public catwalk this year, but are they trends from just this year? Can we call fashion trends a ‘trend’ if the same fashion has existed in the past? Are there some fashion trends that… Continue Reading →

Viral trends- are they good or bad?

Viral trends are becoming more popular as we carry on innovating new apps that allow society to be socialized and interconnected. Is social media responsible for the phenomena that we have come to know as viral trends? Is the rise… Continue Reading →

Dating in the digital world- are dating apps a trend that will end?

As we all know, dating apps have risen in popularity drastically in recent years. The real question is whether we still date traditionally even with this digital trend. Are we now a generation of people who rely on dating apps… Continue Reading →

The Apple iPhone trend- will it eventually come to an end?

Have you ever wondered “Why am I so addicted to Apple products?” or “Why would I not go for a different phone brand?”. Well, this blog post may help you to understand exactly this! Research shows that the same part… Continue Reading →

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