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Welcome to InDiTech. –   ‘A simple yet insightful blog about the ever-growing digital world and it’s impact on education today.’ Digital technology has expanded overtime, bringing life to  learning in an interactive & inclusive way for all!

Top 10 saintly apps for your studies

Who Runs The World? APPs… …Mobile applications: a god-send for student life. Whether you need an on-the-go study planner or help with revision and lecture notes – there’s almost an app for everything nowadays. That’s why I’ve put together my recommendation… Continue Reading →

How Universities are getting down and digital

Universities are more connected that ever! Yes UNIVERISTIES! Technology today has never seized to advance and is becoming “increasingly digital”. It is so integrated in society and within the workplace, that there’s no surprise that higher education institutions are also… Continue Reading →

Did Someone Say VR? A Creative and Interactive Way of Learning

Hello and Welcome to The World of Virtual Reality!   Yes, that’s right guys, we’re diving in deep and exploring the ways VR is used within Higher Education. As you may have already learnt from reading my previous blog post: ‘How Universities are Getting Down… Continue Reading →

Break The Barrier! Ways Assistive Technologies Impact on Additional Learning Support for Students


Grammarly: The god of all spellchecks?

Has proof-reading never been easier? 

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