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Fan Media: How YouTube has given Premier League fans a voice.

Forget the famous Match of the Day studio. Fan media channels are providing raw and direct content made for the fans, by the fans. They have changed the dynamic of football analysis giving power to the everyday fan straight outside… Continue Reading →

Streaming sites set to change the way we watch the Premier League.

For years Sky and BT have been the dominant broadcasters for the Premier League. Their live coverage has been the only worthwhile tele to watch on weekends. Not to mention Monday nights too, where Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher’s bickering… Continue Reading →

Transfer announcements: 7 worst social media vids of the Premier League

It’s the start of the new year. Christmas has long been forgotten. Hence decorations have been taken down. While new years hangovers are wearing off, which can only mean one thing. The January transfer window is up and active. And… Continue Reading →

eSports Premier League: What is it and why should we care?

My initial thought, no. eSports will never be a replacement or anywhere even close to the thrill of real-life sports. I refuse to believe that gaming sports can ever overtake any athletic sporting activity. But should I be giving them… Continue Reading →

VAR to be introduced to the Premier League next season?

It is being used more and more overseas so why has the mighty Premier league not jumped on board the bandwagon.  Here’s all we need to know about the potential addition of VAR in the Premier League:

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