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Hey guys, so I have been busy working on this for ages now and I am finally able to share this with you! I hope you love it as much as I do! Love you guys lots xx https://soundcloud.com/user-235408937/podcast-on-self-image-in-fitness-created-by-the-media

Workout and Food Tracking Apps

Hey guys,   I know you’re all waiting for this exciting new post I’ve been talking about. However, it will need a bit more editing as I want in to be amazing before I can share it with you! So,… Continue Reading →

Fitness and YouTube

Hey guys, I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas preparations! Today I will be talking about Fitness and YouTube. Specifically, I want to touch upon YouTube and subscriptions to certain YouTubers. Furthermore, I want to talk about the concept… Continue Reading →

Fitness and Social Media

Hey there guys and welcome back to my blog, Now today I want to introduce everyone to Fitness in combination with social media. I want to touch upon how fitness is involved in social media, which social media is dominant… Continue Reading →

The Concept of the ‘Fitness Influencer’

Hey guys, I’m back and today we are going to dig in to the whole shenanigans about the term ‘fitness influencer’. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it whether talking about it yourself or overhearing a conversation. I want you… Continue Reading →

Hey Ladies, welcome to my blog!

Welcome to all you young powerful ladies out there who have recently become interested in exercising, the gym, food and mental health! Now let me ask you some questions!  

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