December and January are usually slow months for the world of poker. It was no different for our poker room at South Coast Poker LTD (SCP). Most people stay at home and watch movies in this cold part of the year. As such it was our priority to make February a big months.

After several conversation between myself and the owners of South Coast Poker LTD we came up with a plan to kick the year off in style. From the start of February we were starting a new Poker Tournament Series called the Bounty Hunter.

We wanted to be very inclusive of all customers so we chose to do a low buy-in tournament, meaning that even customers who didn’t want to gamble for too much money would be interested in the tournament. This was all to assure that we are going to get a good turnout as we wanted to get the message across that our poker room has plenty of players and games running to attract more action and more potential customers.

First we had to come up with our poster. We chose to use the color scheme similar to the logo of SCP.

As the primary designer i therefore used the color red white and black. The poster was to be used mainly on social media but also for on site advertisement. The font and color scheme was matching our previous posts.

The poster came out quite nicely and we printed some out to hang around the casino. unfortunately due to advertisement laws, we weren’t able to take them outside as it is illegal to advertise gambling to under 18’s and some of them might see it. As such we mainly focused on advertising to our standing customers and to increase the amount of business we also used Facebook. The Facebook paid advertising tool came in very handy. For only £10 -£20 the advertisement can reach thousands more people. We have previously used this to try and get more attention to some our other posts.

Couple of people were interested but as we didn’t have any confirmation of how many people are going to turn up on our first tournament of the year everyone was a little on edge. We have done some giveaways on our Facebook page as our core audience males between 30 and 55 years old and they predominantly use Facebook. We therefore gave away a free entry into the tournament to a lucky winner who shares, likes and invites a a friend to our event. We have got some decent engagement however we weren’t sure as of the impact it would have on the actual turnout on the day.

On the day of the tournament we were very surprised. The Poker Room can only hold about 30 customers at once. The room was packed. The many promotions, giveaways and social media advertisement has worked and the first tournament was a great success launching us into 2020. The whole night was a both public relation success as many of the customers liked the event and said they will definitely come back. The event was also successful financially as it made back a lot of the money being lost during the slow winter months. Most importantly SCP got a strong momentum leading towards the summer as a result of this event.