I spent a month working at Seventa Events in Poole, and the experience really opened my eyes to how much time, work and money goes into organising events. I had the opportunity to work alongside well known companies such as Saffrey Champness, LV and Nuffield Health.

My main job was based within Creative Events Planning. This involved creating event proposals, budgeting them out and submitting them to clients. On average, I would do one of these per week, the one that I found the most interesting being the Weymouth BID Christmas proposal.

On an average day, I would arrive in the office at 9am, and make a cup of tea. From there, I would recap what I did the previous day and look at the list I would have left myself for the current day. When it came to Weymouth BID, I took lead on a bulk of the proposal since my colleague Faye was off sick and working remotely from home.

Whilst in contact with Faye, we would split the work up between us. Our deadline was only a few days away, so we were beginning to struggle to get it all done in time.

We had to suggest entertainment, theming, and attractions which meant contacting a lot of external companies in order to get quotes for budgeting. This proved to be an issue with our deadline since companies failed to get back to us quickly.

The Head of Creative Events Ellie stepped in briefly to help me out and reached out to a few people on my behalf. Eventually we got all of our quotes back, and settled on our entertainment suggestions – the headline act being Spark! LED Drummers. They would do an interactive street parade throughout Weymouth.

Spark! LED Drummers (Source: fantasiamusic.co.uk)

Once we had finally gotten our proposal and budget forecast together we sent it off to our client at Weymouth BID. We had to wait for a week before we got our feedback as we were competing against other proposals for their Christmas event.

In the meantime, I worked on marketing and advertising tasks in preparation for the Bournemouth Christmas Market – such as selling ad space to companies, and devising a social media plan.

A week later we heard back from Weymouth BID and sadly hadn’t had our proposal accepted. This really opened my eyes to the downside of events management, after spending hours working on this project and creating a vision, we would never see it come to light.

Overall however, my time at Seventa gave me a great insight into working in the events industry. I got to see all of the creative and fun elements, as well as the nitty gritty ones.