By Farhana Rahman

Who Runs The World? APPs…

…Mobile applications: a god-send for student life.

Whether you need an on-the-go study planner or help with revision and lecture notes – there’s almost an app for everything nowadays. That’s why I’ve put together my recommendation on the top 10 saintly study apps to help you work efficiently through your hectic student life. 

1. RefMe (Android/IOS/Web)

This my go-to app for creating instant citations. it uses your phone camera as a barcode scanner for books and creates citation and a reference list in the same format used by your University or college. MIND. BLOWN!  

All this without the hassle of typing up a reference list word-for-word. Trust me, I dread this part after writing a 2000 word essay the night before my deadlines! DICLAIMER! Don’t try this at home (Side effects: caffeine overload, long naps, hallucinations etc.). So, if you are doing an all-nighter or just dread the idea of referencing, this nifty app will sort you out nicely ?! 

2. Sonocent Link (Android/IOS/Windows/Mac) 

THIS IS PEEEERRRRFEECCTTT! A software that captures audio, texts and slides from your lectures, seminars and more! And the best part is that the software comes with an app that allows you to do the same using your smartphone. I always find myself using the app as its perfect for when you’re on the go or if you’re like me and have a laptop with a 4hr battery life and suddenly dies on you during a lecture (Always happened to me btw), then this would be an ideal app for you. To find out how to install the desktop software and more, click here. 

3. MyStudyLife (IOS/Android/Free

Student life can get a bit hectic and being organised is key to having a balance between the party life and studies. Therefore, MyStudentLife is a great on-the go app for making personalised timetables, repeated scheduled, reminders, to-do lists and more. It even has an offline mode which means you can access the app in the middle of nowhere, at any time of day and still be on top of your schedule. Overall, MyStudentLife is designed to be flexible to you and is essential for getting things done, giving you more time to have fun nights out with friends or spend time with family.   

4. StudyBlue (Android/IOS/Free) 

Revision, Revision and Revision. If you’re fanatical about Flashcards like me, you’re going to go ape over this app. StudyBlue is the best free app, generating flash cards based on related revision topics for your studies. It also allows you to create your own flash cards, depending on what suits you and your revision style.  

5. GoConqr (Android/IOS/Free) 

Similar to StudyBlueGoConqr is a useful revision app which gives us students the resources and tools to create our own revision charts, maps, flashcards, notes and quizzes. It’s also great for group study sessions with friends, classmates as well as individual study time. Revision apps are great for cramming in some last-minute revision before that big exam you’ve been working so hard for or on the bus to the supermarket for your weekly food shop. Revision can happen anywhere at any time and you won’t have to worry about losing your cue-cards or forgetting them on the train – been there, done that and there’s no way in hell I’m going back. And neither should YOU! 

6. Evernote (IOS/Android/Windows/Mac 

Ever-so-crazy about Evernote? Well you should be...  

…Evernote is a popular note-taking web and mobile application that is perfect for jotting down important lecture and revision notes. You can keep all your notes in one place and can be accessed through the cloud from any smartphone or PC. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, this multimedia extravaganza also lets you add audio recordings, links, to-do checklists and other attachments to your notes so you don’t have to panic if you didn’t catch what your lecturer says on paper – Evernote lets you review and make changes to your notes whenever you want. 

7. MyScript Calculator (Android/IOS/Free) 

If you’re a bit of a maths whiz or an eager engineering student who’s in need of an app tassists you with calculating formulas and equations better than a calculator, then you’re in luck! MyScript Calculator will happily help you do just that. The app can recognise your unique handwriting whilst you scribble down and discover some insane calculations as if your Einstein yourself! In a nutshell, MyScript Calculator is one handy app and works well on IPads, Tablets and Smartphones. 

8. Office Lens (Android/IOS/Windows/Free) 

Take a picture, it’ll last longer… 

… truss me it will! Microsoft have designed the Office Lens app which allows you to take pictures of important documents, slides, whiteboards, blackboards and more using your smartphone camera.  

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The app also converts the image as editable text which can be reviewed and shared with you study buddies, classmates or even onto a word document. And you won’t have to worry about your terrible photography skills (no offence), the app will automatically clear up any blurred spots or shadows, making it easy to read text for when you’re typing up your notes. 

9. Scanner Pro (Android/IOS) 

Scan away with Scanner Pro, an added feature to Evernote. This is one snazzy app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable scanner without all the kerfuffle of topping up your printer allowance at your campus library. Scanning pages from a book or important documents have never been easier and you can upload any scanned images onto the cloud or directly to your Evernote app which really can’t better than that… SYKE!  

Not only is this an incredible app, it also a great for students who like going paperless as it recognizes text from scanned images which are also searchable on the worldwide web. 

10. Google Drive (IOS/Android/Free) 

Finally, our 10th saintly app for your studies is the one and only Google Drive App. Students can save and store all coursework or revision documents on the cloud which is ideal for accidental computer crashes that you can’t revive because nothing ever really lasts – especially laptops and their year warranty. Students can also share and edit documents with classmates for any group-based assignments. 


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