This post will be outlining some rules, about voice and tone, that I will be sticking to throughout this blog. I intend to keep up a professional register, but also throw in some colloquial or informal phrases – to make for an interesting blog, not an essay.

THOUGHT-PROVOKING: All of the posts will be informing the audience of a debate on how smartphones are changing holidays. I want to remain impartial and will make use of questions, particularly on my Twitter account. Ideally, this will create discourse between my audience, which I will encourage and reply to.

INFORMATIVE: Lots of the posts will have a basic sway as to whether smartphones are good or bad for people’s holidays. Obviously, this is completely subjective, but it aims to highlight several very useful apps that my audience may download.

DIRECT: Often blogs can get a bit drawn out and long-winded. I will aim to make all of my posts direct and concise to combat this. I will have to be careful not to sacrifice any interesting content to keep this up.

UNIQUE: Blogs about tourism and travel are not rare. I have to strive to do something different to keep audiences interested. Focusing on the ‘Digital Impact’ aspect will help my blog not get lost in the sea of holiday blogs, and give my posts a unique dimension.

These rules regarding the voice and tone will be consistent throughout blog posts, social media posts, and comments. I want to create an online environment where audiences can comment and challenge each others views. The impression given needs to be the perfect level of formal, to give academic credibility but not to make for a boring read.