The gambling industry hasn’t stopped evolving since it begun. The use of online gambling has also rocketed the popularity of the industry. This infographic looks at some of the interesting facts and figures collected by the Gambling Commission, mostly focusing on the UK industry and can be seen as rather shocking.

The figures for gambling participation in the adults of the UK do come as a surprise, especially as over half of both genders admitted to gambling in 2016. The industry is popular for both genders now. The pie chart shows that the online gambling sector is responsible for the most amount of profit out of any of the sectors, which is actually unsurprising in a way. 97% of gamblers admitted to gambling at home, as you can see in the bottom chart. Take this into consideration which makes it understandable as to why the online sector brings in the most profit for the industry. Online gambling allows anybody to bet in the secrecy of their own home at their own free will. The popularity of this sort of gambling does put the existing book makers at risk however. The chart shows that betting shops make up for over half of the jobs that exist in the industry today, and with everything happening online now, it does put these employee’s at future risk. The gross gambling yield (GGY) has nearly doubled in the space of ten years, from £8.37 billion to £14.4 billion. UK punters have clearly been busy in the past 10 years, and this highlights how popular the industry has become. The chart focusing on underage gambling shows that 39% of 11-16 year olds in the UK in 2018 have gambled. This is arguably the most shocking bit of information, and can’t help but make us question what the future holds for the industry and generations to come.

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