Creating a blog can help boost women’s self-esteem. Let’s take a look at blogging for example, nowadays there are loads of successful empowering female bloggers who’s work inspire women across the world. One of the most successful bloggers and writers of 2018 is The Slumflower. Chidera Eggerue is best known for her book “What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower’s guide to why you are already enough” and her online campaign #SaggyBoobsMatter, which has been a success in social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Interestingly, this hashtag is commonly used in women’s selfies where a bit of cleavage is shown as a way to empower other women and to reinforce the idea that saggy boobs are perfectly N.O.R.M.A.L.

The Slumflower also has a blog which consists of various different empowering posts regarding her life and social experiences. Chidera stated on the “SaggyBoobsMatter” blog “if you are having trouble accepting your body, please look at mine and look at how socially unacceptable my boobs are. But also look how bossy, snatched and GLOWY I look! I’m living my best life and my boobs aren’t going to stop me from meeting someone amazing” At the young age of 24, The Slumflower has created a very strong, positive public platform for herself, and young women who may struggle with their own insecurities. 

Her main goal is to demonstrate that women can in fact feel comfortable in their own skin and not live their lives according to society’s expectations and wishes, whether it be on social media or in everyday life. When Chidera appeared on the Lorraine Show in June 2018, she mentioned that, previous to her success she thought about going through the surgical route as she felt unhappy with her the way her breasts looked. She then realised that it would not be an option due to how expensive the procedure is and said “well maybe it is a bit cheaper to just accept it and love myself for who I am”. Chidera also went on to discussing social media and how cruel society can be when her physical appearance is not necessarily accepted “from the moment that we’re born, we are taught that you have got to fix yourself and seek approval from every single person around you” and this statement relates perfectly to the topic of this blog. 

“Blogging is so much more than just words and paragraphs” stated by the writer of “The Ugly Little Girl” It can lead you down an exciting and fulfilling path for not only you but your followers who have the opportunity to read your work. 

One of The Slumflower’s most powerful blog posts called “Letter To My Future Self” was one of her shortest posts yet very refreshing to read “Remember when they told you it was impossible to do it without them? Remember when you believed them?” Chidera has always been very public with her experiences with hate comments and overall disrespect she receives on social media. With a following of 199k followers on Instagram, a feed filled with vibrant images and more importantly, lots and lots of confident selfies which demonstrate self-love and happiness. She also never fails to include her favourite hashtag in her captions – #SaggyBoobsMatter. 

I don’t know about you ladies, but my very own “What a time to be alone” is currently on its way to be delivered by RoyalMail and I cannot wait to give it a read!

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