Im not sure about you but when I see posts online about music festivals I get so excited! The thought of downing a dark fruit with your best friends in a field. Dancing the night away. Really is getting me ready for this years festival season! But with festival season around the corner I do wonder what will the music festivals bring this year to top last years festivals? And how will we even experience these festivals in the future?

Real life & Technology

With technology taking over our lives and especially how we experience music festivals as spoken about in my previous posts its no surprise that the line between reality and digital has begun to blur. Even before entering the festival you are most probably given and RFDI wristband to tap in and out of the festival or to buy drinks with the band at the bar! Now music festivals go even further with the incorporation of technology. For example at almost any music festival you can attend you will find a ‘boomerang booth’. A boomerang is a popular feature on Instagram whereby you can create a looping image, many festivals have adopted this idea and placed the ‘boomerang booth’s’ around the festival to increase social media coverage.

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Coachella? Or summer ball?

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Moreover the use of technology is encouraged more than ever with “charging stations” popping up around festivals and for some festival goers it is even free to charge your devices!

Music Festival Live streaming

With the majority of festival ‘live-streaming’ happening in America the UK will be soon to follow with the live stream trend as the years progress. Coachella festival has been live-streaming its festival since 2011 posting all of the links to various performances on its website! Some people have even gone as far to call it “Couchella” because you do not even have to leave your couch to enjoy the festival! Moreover festivals have began to record live streams on their instagram pages to give a first-hand account of the festival and allow people to experience through the eyes of a festival goer!


Online Music Festivals

As spoken about previously, it appears music festival goers are interested in experiences and are constantly chasing the next experience to share online. But what if the experience was fully experienced online? That is what the aim of Picktathon, an online music festival with the option to attend but attendance is capped at 3,500 people. Each stage at Pickathon is designed for the camera and the audience at home unlike the raw wide-angle experience we are used to at music festivals.

Pickathon has a 500 person team with more than 80 cameras recording every strum of a guitar to the beads of sweat on an artists face. With music festivals becoming more popular than ever and in turn more expensive than ever it is inevitable that people will start attending less, but with the introduction of online festivals its more likely someone will attend if they do not have to leave their own home.

The internet could provide a new playing field to experience the music festival and could be as the creator of Pickathon suggests a “yearlong event” whereby episodes of each act are releasee throughout the year. Although I can’t see the interest in downing a dark fruit by yourself in-front of a computer.

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Bestival with the Besti Pals

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