How incredible do you feel after you’ve taken a great selfie? I’m sure we can all relate that, when we look really good we want to share it with the world. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become embedded in the lives of many individuals. The “Selfie” has not only allowed women to feel more comfortable in their own skin, but also elevated their confidence. On the other hand, social media has had an impact on women’s self-esteem, body-dissatisfaction and body image.

Celebrities like the Kardashians who capture the world’s attention, with constant social media updates and their physical appearances are seen as inspiring but also damaging to the female community. Now why is that? Although the Kardashians are highly successful, the ladies’ social media accounts set extremely high standards of beauty that are essentially unrealistic and impossible to obtain. Not to mention the need to achieve a “Kardashian physique” that many women wish they had. 

Kim Kardashian, known as the most legendary Kardashian, loves to show off her beautiful “natural” curves in her revealing, over sexualised Instagram photos, when in reality, it’s all thanks to Dr. Simon Ourian. Am I right? Or am I right? Young girls seem to be idolising the wrong women, who share unrealistic body expectations which can lead them to focus purely on their appearance and eventually develop body and self-image issues. The Kardashian’s are known for having the perfect hourglass body with their small waist, wide hips and big breasts whilst insinuating it’s natural. Having overly wide hips and a tiny waist is not natural, therefore going to the gym 5 times a week will most definitely not help you obtain that “look”. If you disagree however, feel free to ask Dr. Ourian as I’m sure he will be able to clarify. 

The Kardashians are self-obsessed women, which is understandable as it is essentially what their careers are built on. In contrast, do we really want young women to have this outlook on their lives? That solely focusing on yourself will lead you to success and happiness? Let’s take a look at Kim K’s book of selfies “Selfish”, this woman has quite literally created a book purely dedicated to images of herself (and it’s actually been published). Will such narcissism empower other women to become better versions of themselves? Unfortunately I don’t believe that is the way it works.

Women are free to post as many selfies as they wish, whether they’re flawless or flawed. Beauty comes from within and what I have learnt from social media, is that, not even a Kardashian has the power to define how powerful and beautiful, a simple selfie can be. 

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