So I have done enough posts on online dating, now I am going to do a post on online dating vs. real life dating. What one is essentially better for you to find love?


Lets start with online dating. Most peoples have had mixed views with online dating, some good and some awful.  There is so much new technology out there for us to online date; we should take full advantage of it. To help you decide I am going to give you the pros and cons of online dating.


1) Connection

Pro: As online dating is online it allows us to make connections with millions of people. You can connect with people that you would never come across in everyday life.  People from different it allows us to have more access, which gives you more choice and options for a new partner.

Con: There can be too much choice and it can be overwhelming with how many people you could connect with online. You can also become pickier as you have so much choice. Its like online shopping in a way you could spend hours browsing for the perfect outfit. Similar in online dating but looking for the perfect match rather than the perfect outfit.

 2) Practical

Pro: It’s very practical to get a date. You can get yourself a date from sitting on your sofa in front of a TV in your own home. You don’t have to go out and dress up in order to gain attention. There are so many dating websites and Apps out there you can have at a click of a button. Within a couple of minutes you can your profile made and start looking.

Con: It can be dangerous meeting people online, due to the easy access to technology that we have and in the Internet it allows people to deceive us. It’s hard for us to know what is real and what is not. People can catfish us and not be who they say they are. For more on cat fishing check out my previous post here.

3) Communication

Pro: It helps people communicate with a diversity of people. Online dating is especially if you are shy and not as out going as others. Online dating allows you to have confidence online and communicate with people. This can help boost your self-esteem and confidence so you are prepared for when you meet them in real life. Most sites and apps also have filters to help you find someone who most suited to you.

Con: You are not actually physically interacting with someone. Instead you are communicating with a keyboard. It lacks romance and personal connection. People can also lie easier online about themselves and you can’t tell due to not being able to actually physically see them and read the signs. An example is their body language or facial expressions. Online you cant gage as much as emotion.


Now lets weigh up the pros and cons of dating in real life. Go back to the era where technology didn’t exist and people had to actually physically talk to people in order to get a date.

1) Truth

 Pro:  You get the truth with online dating, “ what you see is what you get”. There is no lies or any chance of ‘catfishing’. Also you will already know if you have a personal attraction with them without being deceived by airbrushing or filters. You have someone to actually talk too, not just staring at photo with a couple of messages exchanged.

Con: If you are shy its hard for you to get the confidence to meet new people and approach them. You can’t hide behind a computer screen which a lot of people struggle with. Also it can be awkward if the conversation isn’t flowing or you don’t like them its harder for you to get out of it. Where as with online dating you can easily not respond to them and you are less likely going to see them again.

2) Romantic

 Pro: Its more romantic meeting someone in person rather than chatting to him or her online. It allows you to create a bond easier as it’s hard to make an actual connection online. You have the opportunity to really flirt with them and make a good impression. Online the most you can do is flirt with them with a few Gifs an emjoii’s that can turn extremely cringe ant times, especially the wink face so creepy!

Cons: It can get awkward, if your not connecting with that person you have to actually tell them and be honest. It can knock your confidence as well if the person isn’t showing you sign of interest or listening to you. It can make you feel not good enough or insecure about what your wearing or what you look like.

3) Traditional

Pro: Its traditional to date offline rather than online. That’s how majority of our grandparents met. They didn’t have all this technology and temptation that we have now days. You can also feel more wanted at the time that person is there with you and only you. Where as with online dating they are probably talking to you and at least two other people at the same time.

Con: You don’t get as much choice as you do online. The freedom to talk to multiple people and really browse for the best person for you. As technology forever grows so does the opportunity to meet someone you wouldn’t normally meet in the real world.