Fitness. A bit of a taboo in today’s generation. Being ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean having the biggest bum or a 6 pack, if you start a fitness journey with overly high expectations then you won’t ever be truly happy with the results. Getting your perfect body at the gym takes time over anything, it does NOT happen overnight and this i feel is why people give up so quickly. So… let’s look into expectations. Lets see, if you want to get into fitness, why don’t you take a slightly different approach, whilst it’s always beneficial to have a goal, sometimes that puts too much pressure on yourself and working out may not feel as enjoyable but more of a chore. Why not try working out to feel more healthy and go because of health reasons rather than going because you want to look like the latest IG girl. I feel if you take this advice, not only will going to the gym or working out at home feel more relaxed and enjoyable – seeing results is just an added bonus!!


So.. if you’re wanting to go to the gym but are intimidated, do not stress! This is so common! Here’s a few tips and tricks when being a beginner…

1. Try going with a friend, it’s always less scary being with someone else!

2. Another tip is don’t forget your headphones, as the saying goes… “headphones in, world out”.  

3. And finally, look up some quick workout routines on Youtube, there’s thousands to choose from!

Moreover… it takes on average 21 days to make something a habit, so although at first it may seem more of a chore than part of your routine, experts say if you go religiously for this amount of time, it’ll be part of your routine and you won’t even think twice about not going!

When dieting in general, I suggest drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated especially when exercising to stay energised! Also, eat when you’re satisfied but not stuffed.

The main point is, there is no need to have this crazy pressure from social media to look like other people, work at your own pace because you should only be competing with yourself after all!

I know what it’s like! I am a teenage girl who too loves to eat chocolate and get lazy at times but we can all try and do some exercise during the week for not only for our health but also our minds people! Going to the gym can be an anti-depressent.. or at least something that may contribute to your better mental state.