The effect of social media on our society:

Hey guys! It’s me again back with another post all about the effect of social media on our society. This week I will be talking about the effect of social media and how it affects us. In my previous posts, I have been talking about social media addiction and the impact it has on advertising. So let’s take a look at the effect it has on society (scary…). 

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Introduction of social media into our lives:

Social media being introduced into our lives has changed our society as a whole. Facebook; Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all to blame. It has changed and altered the way we see people and society today.

70% of people are always on their phones.  Social Media is having a serious effect on us. However, before we fully start. I will first list the advantages and disadvantages of social media.


Advantages of social media: 

Looking at the advantages there are a few we can list.

    1.  The main advantage of being able to connect with loved ones. Without having social media introduced we would have never been able to do this. There have been several occasions where my grandmother has shown me her old friends on Facebook. This has enabled her to go on about the amazing capabilities of what Facebook offers.
    2. You are able to find people that you never knew would have social media. Meeting new people has never been more popular than now. There are dating apps which are immensely popular in today’s society. The likes of Tinder which are out there.
    3. Social media is the best for breaking news. People are able to be instantly updated.
    4. Social media has definitely changed society in positive ways. Firstly social media is free for no extra cost where all major platforms are absolutely free.  There is no other product or service that has changed anyone’s life such as social media has done.


Disadvantages of social media:

  1. So one major disadvantage of social media is the fact we can see people’s information easily. This can ultimately pose a threat to people. The amount of information shared across social media is very scary. The reason why it is scary is that anyone is able to access it without the person even knowing. One example we can look at is when the rumour of the queen was being spread around stating that she passed away. The rumour was created by many hoaxers creating fake news.
  2. Cyberbullying a huge disadvantage. This has had an effect on many people’s social media lives.  24-hour access in someone’s personal life can lead to issues, especially for the younger generation.
  3.  The main disadvantage is addiction.  People are always on social media trying to portray their life to be amazing rather than experiencing it. Some extreme cases of addiction to social media has resulted in people going to rehab centres to control their addiction which will help them result in getting back to their normal selves.


So now to the main part of the blog.


Social media’s effect on today’s society!

Social media’s effect on modern politics: 

When talking about politics social media has a major role to play in today’s politics.  The main reason why it plays a major role is mainly to get votes as social media reaches millions of people in a matter of minutes. In the previous campaigns, UK parties have spent millions of pounds using social media.


Social media’s effect on business: 

Social media has a played a massive effect on business. Over 91% of businesses are using more than two social media platforms helping them promote their products.


Social media’s effect on individuals: 

From the increase of social media has meant that there are many introverts in the UK as well as across the globe. This genuinely means that people aren’t able to communicate properly without the dependence on social media.  This can ultimately have an impact on the person not being able to speak properly which can have serious consequences.


Coming to an end with my blog post today, I hope you have enjoyed reading about the topic of today’s discussion. If you have any questions please comment below or tweet me on twitter @SocialMediaImp2