The future of social media and technology will be looked at in this post. As these platforms have become such a big part of our society, it is exciting/scary to see how important it becomes in our daily lives. Through research, ideas have been put together of what is thought will be the future of technology and social media.

A Youtube video by FW:Thinking where they speak about social media communication in 2013. “This is next generation social life.”


Drones will be used by Amazon and Google for deliveries. They are building drones to deliver household items. They started out as a military piece of technology and were used for videographers and mapping directions.

The future of commercial drones will be even bigger in the film and television industry. For example, Disney will be using drones as a supported lights system. It will also open doors for other entertainment purposes such as platforms to launch fireworks or used in sports as a flying referee.


Although technology has a massive impact on schools and colleges now, the future of online education will be even bigger. Anybody with a smart phone can go on the internet and research a topic. In the future, this will be of a higher quality, where a student can buy any programme from leading education institutes. Although this is already a possibility, the online resources will become even better with time. Just like it has over the past 15 years.


Japan has taken the first big steps towards creating a robot as a companion that can understand and feel different emotions. It has been programmed to read its’ owners emotions and become a helpful friend. This robot is called “Pepper” who went on sale in 2015. Pepper is just the beginning of the robot technology that will come.


Another possibility for the future of technology is to be able to talk to people from around the globe. For years Google has been working on a translation project. This is an application that can be used professionally and personally. One day it will be possible to be on an international call and understand your participants, even if they are speaking their native language.

This will lower language barriers and will allow people to participate more in different cultures and religions.


It is thought that one day a digital self will be created based on neurological information.  In fact, it is believed that we will be able to upload our minds on to the computer and be able to live in a digital form.

Furthermore, it is thought that social media has the ability to become a ‘mind machine’ allowing medical information to be shared.  As a result, medical communication is something that will have an impact on all patients and medical professionals around the globe.


Communication is evolving. Different apps are being created everyday. Consequently, each generation of technology is getting closer to real time communication. As social media is becoming so dominant in the workplace, brands will find it hard to find exactly what they want.

Social media can be used to manipulate a lot of different information. As you can see in my previous blog post (Social Media Affecting our Confidence) many things on social media is fake. As a result of a lot of editing platforms being created, we will never go back to the ‘bog standard’ Instagram photographs we once knew.


3D imaging will start to become very popular as technology creates a ‘virtual presence.’ It will be high speed scanning that can be used in offices or for personal reasons. In the future we may be able to project ourselves into another location just through the use of technology. Therefore a 3D self will take over the use of holographic displays.

Another interesting part of the future of technology…

A hologram of Amy Winehouse is touring worldwide in 2019. It is recordings of her original voice that will be projected on to the stage with a live band. This has been created by Amy’s Dad saying that ‘our daughters music touched the lives of millions of people and it means everything that her legacy will continue.”

Thank you for reading!