You’ll never go hungry wandering South-east Asia if you get familiar with these Apps. These apps compare foods from hundreds of restaurants, showing you pictures, sharing reviews and offering filters to find your favourite cuisines! Calling all Foodies! Download these apps and there won’t be anymore disappointed tummies!


1. GrabFood

Grab has now expanded its company and has introduced a food delivery service. By using the app, customers can search restaurants of various cuisines, select the food items they want and then track their delivery driver until it arrives on their doorstep. Sounds magical, right?

Screenshot of the GrabFood Logo- From the App.

“If you’re feeling hungry and yet don’t want to move anything but your fingers, here’s a solution for you” – GrabFood.

GrabFood is available in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. All of you foodies will be pleased to know that the service delivers to over 500 cities and towns across South East Asia, get it while it’s still up for grabs!


2. Burrple

This app compares and tells you everything you need to know about restaurants in Singapore and Kuala Lumpa.

Screenshot of the Burpple Logo- From the App.

You can search for food places easily and instantly see pictures of the food and includes specific guides, making your decision easier! You can post your own pictures and reviews or sync them from your Instagram. Making this app interactive entices customers to download and use this app as millennials have a peculiar obsession with taking pictures of their food before eating it.

3. Vietnammm

This delivery app originated in the Netherlands and is mainly vacant in countries within Europe. In Asia, it is only available in the 5 most popular destinations in Vietnam; Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.

Screenshot of the Vietnammm Logo- From the App.

The app asks you for the district that you are in and then immediately conjures up restaurants that are nearby to you. The filters are pretty useful, you can choose what cuisine you’re craving, and then you can order the restaurants by distance, reviews or product price. What more could you want from a food app?

4. Zomato

Zomato is a global company that operates in over 10,000 cities in 24 countries. In Asia, the app compares restaurants in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. The following 3 statements is Zomato’s summary of what they want to achieve:

“Helping people discover great places around them.”

“Building amazing experiences around dining.”

“Enabling restaurants to create amazing experiences.”

Screenshot of the Zomato Logo- From the App.

This app is a personal favourite, being a fellow foodies and all. It has a feature called ‘Sneakpeak’ on the navigation bar that shows you shorts videos of inside the buildings and tells you stories about the city’s most popular restaurants. For all you nosey people, you’d love this added feature!


5. FoodPanda

This is another delivery app that operates across parts of Europe and the Middle East. Foodpanda is only available in these Asian countries: India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The app automatically finds restaurants that are closest to where you are at the time, using GPS on your phone. You can filter down your search to fit the type of cuisine you fancy and droll over the pictures that the restaurants have posted.

Screenshot of the FoodPanda Logo- From the App.

This modern app has one of my favourite features, it works in a similar way to Deliveroo. It shows you the location of your delivery guy! So you can stop being so impatient as it allows you to track your food.

The Digital Impact of Food Apps:

All foodies have preferences when it comes to food. Having an app that allow you to refine your searches to find the answer to your cravings is far more convenient than aimlessly searching the streets for a restaurant that may or may not exist in an area you’ve never been before!  These advances in technology are beneficial for popular, well-known food locations as users can use these app to find the highest rated restaurants with the best looking food! Not so great for the smaller businesses that rely on walk-in customers though. Over the years, people have got more picky with their food choices or have special dietary requirements. Therefore restaurants can adjust to this shift and tourists are able to use the app to filter the choices down to pick a restaurant that suits them.

“Demand for meat-free food increased by 987% in 2017 and going vegan was predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2018.” – The Vegan Society

Some interesting facts about travel apps:

• More than 85% of the population uses the travel and tourism app when they are relaxing at any time of the day.
• 30% of the user uses the app to find the best deal related to the combo offers like flight and hotel booking, etc.
• 15% of the user uses the app to plan an upcoming trip.


Impact of the Mobile apps on Travel and Tourism Industry