The use of Social Media sites such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook have dramatically changed politics. This is due to the way campaigns are run and how politicians react through these sites. The use of them is a way for politicians to reach new and existing voters. With no added cost they can broadcast their content to millions of people. Social media is good for marketing purposes and to spread awareness, which has positive attributes but also many negative.

Donald Trump Cartoon

Cartoon of Donald Trump waving

Social media is causing the audience to only read a limited amount of news. This is due to what their friends and family are sharing and individuals only focusing on headline news. This creates a situation where many believe the headlines, even when I could be ‘fake news’.


Donald Trump uses social media sites such as Twitter to attract the attention of people worldwide. Trump has tweeted about various subjects since joining social media in March 2009; tweeting about various politicians or daily news. He used twitter to communicate especially through his 2016 presidential campaign – since then it has increased and it is thought that he posts false statements. – Here is an article by Forbes magazine where they discuss Donald Trumps most offensive tweet.

Offensive tweet by Donald Trump

Donald Trumps tweets on his account

“Knowing fully well that the border wall plan won’t take off, President Trumps obsession with the wall continues even at the cost of depriving thousands of federal workers their holiday cheques”

According to a pole, 70% of the respondents to his tweets were negative and only 17% said that the tweets were helpful. The digital world has transformed the way in which the world perceives text.


Fake Twitter Page

Theresa May fake Twitter page created as a meme

With Theresa May and Brexit being a massive topic on social media at the moment, Twitter has been used as a way for people, who dislike Theresa, to ridicule her. With #No Confidence, a twitter hashtag which is increasing and is being used as a way to push Theresa May out of politics. She is facing a huge battle to stay as the Tory leader and as the UKs Prime Minister. 

Twitter has been a way for the audience to make jokes, mock her comments and create different memes.


Barack Obama used social media sites such as twitter, facebook, podcasting and youtube. In 2008, Obama had more friends and followers on these sites than the man he was up against, John McCain. Obama’s Twitter account has 103,083,062 followers, which he used to promote legislations and support for his policies. As well as posting about the state of employment, he responded to the public regarding their opinions.

Barack Obama, the American president from 8 years, says that “twitter has become an essential tool for campaigns.” Twitter has impacted the elections through the effort of communication.

A debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May about the Brexit draft deal. Social media site Youtube has been used to share the debate with the whole of the U.K. to give everybody the right to have their own opinion.


Social media is seen as being too vague compared to newspapers, magazines and televisions at communicating information. The sites are seen as the biggest disadvantage allowing politicians to “speak for themselves.” 

Political campaigns are now influenced by every story, whether they are true or false, they are still spread around social media. It is now becoming more difficult to separate real news from fake news. Social media has now allowed audiences create fake news sites, where people can post fake stories and troll each other. It has become a tool that is used to blame or criticise the opposition parties and the information is often driven by incorrect facts.


Social media is extremely powerful and is having a big impact of politics. Here are some pros of its impact:

  • The audience is able to get the latest information through their smartphone as the sites are updated every minute. Politics is always moving, especially with Brexit happening at the moment. People are able to know about what is going on whenever they want.
  • Politicians are able to gain a large audience on social media and gain different supporters.
  • Upcoming events such as elections, agendas or parties can be easily portrayed and details can be spread around social media.
  • Social media gives everybody an opinion on elections and allows people to express an opinion.


Social media is altering the atmosphere of politics in a way that the nation can interact. Politicians are using these public platforms to reach new audiences and send out new information. There is bad and good that comes with politics being all over social networks, but it is a way for people to express their opinion freely which can caused online disputes in our society.

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