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The impact of Social Media on Advertising:

In the beginning, social media was used for people to just connect with one another; share posts and stay in touch with loved ones. Moreover,  looking at the present social media has advanced rapidly.  In contrast, businesses are now benefiting from using social media thus, allowing them to grow their businesses from using social media. Subsequently, businesses have also found out using social media marketing (SMM) has a great impact and costs little money to implement.

The emergence of social media and the importance of digital adds are going to help businesses in the long run.

Case study:

“Global advertising spend on social media is set to overtake newspapers in the next four years. Social media advertising is growing at 20 percent a year and by 2019 it will be worth $50.2 billion compared to $50.7 billion for newspapers.”

This study shows that social media platforms have benefited from mobile technology being rapidly advanced.


Key factors influencing the shift towards social media advertising? 

Some key facts we can look at that are influencing the shift towards social media advertising can be looked at some figures and statistics.

How consumers spend their time online:

  • Currently, Americans spend an average of 23.6 hours online every week and that time is mostly spent on social media platforms.
  • The growing popularity of social platforms is why most brands are increasing ad spend toward social.
  • Over one-third of consumers spend their online time using social media sites.



Social media advertising:

How social media is changing advertising for better and worse:

Social media being more widespread just makes businesses more interested and involved thus allowing for engagement with their target market. Not only this, but it also allows them to know their demographics.

There are five main ways we can look at how social media is changing the game.

Increased access to customer service 

Social media has played a massive part in terms of access to customer service. We are now able to instantly get in touch with a customer representative thus social media allowing business to instantly reply to our queries.


More organic approach:

Seeing advertisements after advertisements can be a nuisance. This can aid businesses because people hate ads. Not only this, but people don’t also like being bombarded by ads therefore, we are inclined to make our own decisions and not being convinced.


“Conversational Commerce”:

This new feature has recently been rolled out from Facebook and this is a massive change in marketing itself.  This is evident on Facebook. From accessing the site it will ask questions gaining more information from the person about the product. This is a great example of giving that final push for the purchase to go ahead.


Better analytics:

Social media is a place where the majority of the population gets online and expresses their own thoughts and feelings.  This leads to better analytics and can aid businesses to look at what their target market.  Not only this but it also helps aid them to help create better products and meet customer needs.


Simplifies Retargeting:

People used to go to specific websites to look for something they wanted to buy. Now there is a lot of aimless app switching where people check their phones every twelve minutes.

Moreover, retargeting is when a person goes to a site and looks at a product, then sees the ads on a different website. This can hugely aid businesses.


Advertising for the worse: 

The main issue of the bombardment of social advertisements is that it can put customers off.  Social Media advertising is worth the investment.


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