When the trip ends you’re lefts with pictures, memories, mementoes, and if you’re luck, friends for life! New technologies are helping us stay in contact with people we meet while abroad and it turns out those friendships can be invaluable.

Using Tech to Keep in Touch

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The past couple of decades have us numerous new tools that we can use to stay in contact with far away friends. In the olden days the best, and really only, way to stay in contact with you’re travel friends is by sending snail mail. This depended on you known the home address of the person you wanted to talk to and it was quite common for people to move and completely lose contact. Really dedicated friends could try international phone calls but these are really expensive and difficult to coordinate.

The long or short of it is. Unless you happened to run into them again in another country, travel friends would completely disappear from you’re life when you returned home.

Nowadays however, you have many options. You can create a blog for your friends to read (and you can read theirs) so you can keep updated on each others adventures. You can write emails, which are essentially free letters that only require an email address. You can use video calling to see and talk to you’re friends (again, instantly and free) Social media is the most helpful because it combines the functions of all the other ways of staying in touch. You can message people instantly, you can see updates on people’s live through news feeds, etc. It also has added benefits such as groups where you can keep friends from the same trip in one place.

The Benefits of International Friendships

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There are many benefits that you can only gain from international friendships. You can create strong networks. Keeping in contact with friends from abroad can lead to a place you can go for great travel advice, places to stay in other countries, and maybe even career opportunities. You can also become connected with friends of friends (who know specific places) especially when using social media.

Your travel friends share experiences with you that your other friends don’t. You’ve been tested through sweat and vomit, highs, lows, delays, and adventures. These shared experiences could be the base to a whole new kind of relationship.

Having a wider group of international relationships can also increase your of understanding of the world. You’re friends will have completely different cultural experiences which may open your eyes to things you never even knew existed.

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What do you think? What do you use to stay in contact with your far away friends? Does that tech effect your relationships? What are the benefitsĀ of your international friendships? Leave your thoughts in the comments.