With rise of the “snowflake” generation comes the rise of the pursuit for perfection. Young people are putting more pressure on themselves to reach perfection in their appearance, work, career, etc.

As Instagram becomes more and more important in the blogosphere it also brings with it a pressure for perfection. Seeing celebrities like Kylie Jenner’s “perfect” lifestyle and appearance on our phones, from our Instagram feeds to news outlets, it ingrains an expectation and goal in our brains. Despite many people realising this pressure and ignoring it unfortunately some desire this goal. This is evident from the rise in not only plastic surgery but non-invasive, cosmetic procedures like filler.

I’ve spoken about body image and the “perfect” life before in my Instagram vs. Reality post but as the pursuit for perfection is higher than ever I thought I’d speak of this in regard to blogging. With heavily edited photos in front of even more heavily edited backgrounds, what makes a photo perfect (or ‘Instagrammable’)?

two girls in bikinis in front of beautiful landscape

Photo Credit: Tia Hodgson

Perfectionism and Blogging 

Due to blogging pressure I have found that I’ve become very critical about any photos I take for my blog and mentally compare them to ones I have previously seen on my feed. I find I start making excuses for not taking photos or writing blogs due to this pressure. I’m sure many of you (if you relate) will experience the same thing. This not good enough feeling transfers into my blog and I end up with what some would call “writers block”. I get myself into a situation where topics I wanted to write about I no longer want to, or when I start a blog I struggle to get into it and it becomes pretty dull. The pressure for blogs to engage audiences and be unique means that in this pursuit for perfection in our blogs we can end up writing about topics we don’t really care much about. This then means they aren’t our best work or they just aren’t true to yourself. In my podcast last week Yasmin spoke of how she writes about tennis, one of her passions, which is something that makes her blog different and has had a lot of success due to it.

Being Glued To Your Phone

This isn’t specific to just bloggers but blogging will have an impact on this. I’m sure most young people would have been told by an older generation that you’re “glued” to your phone. But, since I’ve started blogging I have noticed I’ve spent a lot more time checking my Instagram for likes, comments and followers or replying to messages. Not only this but making sure I like peoples photos, read their blogs and just keep up my engagement in general. Nowadays you could run your blog entirely from your phone.

This constant need to be on your phone makes you feel like blogging is taking over your life. Anyone else sometimes feel they need a social media cleanse? Well, so do a lot of us bloggers and you’ll often see them posting stories, tweets or in their captions announcing a break from social media. The idea of a social media cleanse is like you’re going to rehab for an addiction!! The action of scrolling and sliding your thumb over your screen is so addictive that they’ve made a device for people detoxing to fake scroll on. Don’t believe me? Google it!

Someone using Instagram on phone and Twitter on laptop

Photo Credit:Tia Hodgson

Imposter Syndrome

This constant feeling of not being good enough can be because of imposter syndrome. Setting yourself almost impossible goals and then believing you aren’t good enough is typical of the pursuit of perfection. Trying to be perfect and the expert constantly is draining and hard-work. I have to admit I’m guilty of this. Not just in my blogging but any work I do. I’ll think that it is awful, I’m going to fail at it and everyone will hate it.

However, the great thing about blogging is that I can talk to you about it now. I can share my experiences and I hope you guys share yours. There has been a recent increase on my feed of bloggers sharing honest pieces about things from their chronic illness to their body changing due to pregnancies. By sharing our experiences it keeps our blogs more real and our followers know more about us, which in turn means they may feel closer to us. This honesty also means that by sharing this it keeps Instagram and blogs from becoming an idealistic competition for who has the best life. When people who have idealistic bodies show their figure from different angles or on a “bad” day it helps show the reality and dilutes the constant feed of “perfection”. This inspires more self-confidence in people and so whenever you can be honest, be honest! You might even find someone who shares that with you and people will be more likely to follow your blog as it isn’t just another feed in the pursuit for perfection.