Wearable gadgets and Apps.

The digital impact on the fitness industry is probably the most efficient by the gadgets people use and connecting their phones to applications.

This technological advancement is a big game changer in the fitness industry, you can now have apps that do all the work for you and normally for a cheap price or even free. Not only is it a lot more cheaper than having a personal trainer or nutritionist but also have 24/7 accessibility on these applications. These apps can tell you what macro-nutrients you’ve achieved for the day or what you haven’t. It can tell you how many calories you need for the rest of the day. Some apps can even tell you what vitamins you are lacking. There is almost no limit to what these applications can do, and all at a touch of button.

Bodybuild.com the company I’ve mentioned previously also have their own application called ‘Bodyspace’. This app is a fitness community and according to BodyBuilding.com it has over 1 million users of the app. The app is of course like a social media app where people share their experiences for what works for them and their achievements and goals.

Firstly, the app allows you to set your goals, you can enter in your height, weight and what your goal is and how quickly you want to achieve that goal. For example, you can put your goal weight in and the calculation of the app would select how many meals you need, what macros you need and how many calories to put on, you can also select if you wan to do this bulking or keeping quite lean, but that depends how quick you want to put on the mass. Secondly, you can create your own workout plan and set it on certain dates. You can select what exercise you want to do and how many sets you want to do, if you have a goal weight to be lifting the app will want your starting weight and then it can tell you what you need to be lifting in the future to become the strength you want. This alone has saved the old style of writing it down on paper, you’ll always have the information you need as you’ll always have a ‘BodySpace’ account, so saves the stress of looking after your work. Finally, there’s the mental side of it. Due to the progress you’ll be making it will be hard to stay unmotivated as you have your statistics right in front of you. If you go off track or you’re lacking in nutrition the app will tell you exactly where you are going wrong, so if you want to keep healthy and motivated you couldn’t have it easier. The only way you can go off track is of course outside events having affect or you just don’t want to do it anymore, which is fine as everyone has different hobbies.

There’s also physical technology that’s changed the way we view the fitness industry also. For example there’s a ‘Skulpt Scanner’ a device you put around your arm, which pairs with a device that’s iSO or even Android so they can connect to pretty much every phone that people own. This device measures your body fat and quality of muscle as well which an application can tell you almost instantly. This app also measures 24 different areas in the body giving a more accurate reading. Something you couldn’t of done easily before apps etc, although it cost $99 it’s an investment.