Now I don’t know about you but I am most definitely a fiend for posting my outfit photos on instagram; especially after or even during a music festival. My question today is why do we care so much about what we wear to music festivals since the introduction of social media, and what is this new festival fashion?

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In a pre-internet era, before going to a festival you would choose to wear what you wanted to be comfortable and maybe because of the British weather something to stay warm in. In the 90s  it didn’t matter what you wore it was about the music and having fun.


As I spoke about in my previous post, music festivals are no longer just about the music but it has become an experience that we want to share online. What you wear at the festival is just as important as being there! Wether we like it or not instagram influences our daily lives, especially when it comes to the festival season. With the pressure of wanting to look good for the ‘gram’ its no wonder what we wear at music festivals has become more prevalent than ever! Therefore choosing the best outfit that will get you the most likes is vital! But where can you find this amazing outfit to show off your festival fashion? The answer: Online retailers 

Max Martin-Wilson at Bestival with festival stage in the background

Me at Bestival last summer, this photo was posted on instagram.


Unlike a traditional store Depop has created the perfect marketplace for millennials as it is based on the same basic idea as Instagram. Depop focuses on how images look, the better your store page looks the more people view it and in turn the more items you sell. Depop has become the perfect marketplace to find festival clothing and with its similar search function to Instagram it is easy to discover items that are original and fit your own unique style. 

Depop was founded in 2011 and since then has grown into an multi-million pound business with offices around the world and over 10 million registered users. As an active user of Depop myself I can say I have found multiple festival outfits from Depop and have sold various items that people have worn to festivals! Depop is definitely the future of online retailers.

Max Martin-Wilson at festival with friend wearing clothes from depop

Me and my friend at Bestival last summer both wearing clothes we found on Depop


Thanks to Depop and Instagram it has become vital that we stand out at festivals. The unique festival fashion has been commercialised thanks to brands such as boohoo and Topshop. If you need to find a seemingly quirky and original outfit for a music festival you can search for one online on BooHoo or Topshop and get the items delivered the next day. We now live in a society where we want everything instantly and thanks to the internet we can get it. This means that we can stay up to date with the newest trends to look the best at music festivals.

This mesh t-shirt (right) was ordered from the online retailer ASOS two days before the festival


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– Max Martin-Wilson