Today in 2018, we are able to communicate with nearly whoever we want through our technological devices.


Personally, my main form of communicating with people, as a young adult, is by text. Including emojis, and kisses in all of my messages that I send out. There is now not even a need to call someone – why would you when you can just type a quick message? We have now come to a place in modern day, where we don’t even need to speak to people, let alone see them face-to-face. I use texts regularly to catch up with people like my family who I don’t live with. I ask how their days are going without having to pick up the phone to call each member. In this way, this helps me feel close and connected with my family relationships. Although I don’t see them, I’m always somehow in constant communication with them, keeping us close. Some say that texting can improve relationships, although it also has the power to hurt them.

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Snapchat – Rocky Relationships

Active Snapchatters open the app 25 times per day. This is because people like me also use this as a primary way to communicate. I use Snapchat to talk with my friends on this rather than family, as it’s more popular to people I know in the age bracket of 18-24 years. People posting on their stories where they are, what they’re doing and who they’re with. Some even say it encourages cheating and being disloyal. This is due to the messages and pictures disappearing after a matter of seconds, no traces left behind. It’s considered to be quite a flirtatious platform because of this.  Additionally, Snapchat ‘Best Friends’ is a big deal. That is the person you snap the most! This can cause jealousy and paranoia for any friendship and/or relationship. Even when things are innocent and not as they may seem to the jealous friend/partner, there’s no proof.

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Creating Relationships through Online Dating

I’ve personally never used this method to search for relationships, but many of my friends do. We have so many choices as to who we date due to online dating. No matter the age, or where you live, online dating appeals to people far and wide. However, there are mixed opinions on online dating. There are stories of couples meeting this way, and it’s a match made in heaven! On the other hand, some say it’s a waste of time, as the best way to meet someone is face-to-face. There are many pros and cons. For example, a major positive is that it matches people on their personal interests, bringing together very similar people. But a major negative is the huge choice of available people can be overwhelming. Therefore, people keep ‘shopping’ for the perfect person. We can view this aspect of modern-day life as a positive or a negative.

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Friends are Never Far Away…

The amazing thing about social media is that it keeps those friends, who you don’t see very often, close and in the know. I have friends who live 2 hours or more away from me, who I don’t get to see very often. But due to social media, I am able to keep up to date with what’s going on in their lives and speak to them regularly. Friends who I have had since the age of 4 who I am able to reconnect with due to online platforms. This has created my social circle wider, as I can keep in touch with my new friends as well as my old.

What I Think:

Of course, technology and social media have enhanced our lives in many ways, including relationships and friendships. But with apps like Snapchat we need to remember to trust and love whoever we have in our lives, and if they choose to be disloyal, it’s their loss. We need to remind ourselves to also pay attention to those around us every day. It is amazing, what social media can do with keeping everyone in touch with one another. Additionally, relationships can be made stronger through regular texting, and this is a great positive. Although, we do need to remember to stay in the present with the people we are with. We need to live in the moment and also absorb and cherish the people we spend time with face-to-face.