Many different trends have dominated the public catwalk this year, but are they trends from just this year?
Can we call fashion trends a ‘trend’ if the same fashion has existed in the past?
Are there some fashion trends that will simply never disappear?

There have been well over one hundred different fashion trends this year. But with just one blog and an aim of 800 words, I have decided to focus on just 4: rose gold, bell bottoms, grunge and faux.

These four styles have completely dominated the fashion scene this year from luxury items to high street fashion.

I mean, with Christmas around the corner, who hasn’t considered something rose gold from Pandora for their significant other or treasured loved one? And who hasn’t wanted to keep warm this year by buying (or simply admiring) those teddy bear jackets all young adults are buying and wearing?

Fashion is a huge part of society, with new trends being created or brought back week after week. It feeds into our need as a society to fit in.

So, let’s test this: do you follow any of the trends discussed below? And, in your opinion, and after the insight this post will hopefully give you, are they even trends at all?


Rose Gold

Image from No attribution required

The rose gold colour has dominated the fashion industry for the majority of 2018. Rose gold products have ranged from bracelets, watches and shoes to items that exceed the boundaries of fashion, with an iPhone in the signature colour, as well as rose gold themed parties and weddings.

We just can’t seem to get enough. But why is this new shade of pink such a thing?

Rose gold is a colour that can be argued to exist between luxury and fashion. It is also true that people tend to associate colours with certain feelings and emotions. In an article by Wired, they discuss how people associate feelings of compassion and warmth when seeing the shiny colour.

Even companies such as Pandora are in love with the colour with their rose gold ranges available across the UK.

But, not surprisingly, this trend of rose gold isn’t just a trend of 2018. This actually began in 2012, when the signature colour started to be featured in expensive jewellery.

Some would even argue that this love for rose gold started even before that with the love for copper-coloured home accessories with Tom Dixon’s copper lights in 2013. Since then, large furniture companies such as Ikea have taken to this trend and sold a range of products in these colours.

So, the rose gold trend has actually in fact been growing in popularity for six years, and seems unlikely to end any day soon.


Bell-Bottom Jeans

Image of woman wearing bell-bottom jeans with one leg leaning on a rock

Redhead_Beach_Bell_Bottoms.jpg: Mike Powell

The bell bottoms are back! Yes, you read that right.

This fashion, again, started way before 2018, with this style skyrocketing in the 70s, and now returning in the 21st century.

This fashion can be explained as jeans (typically blue) that become wider from the knees down. The modern bell bottom jeans are more tight-fitting that in the 70s, but pretty much look the same.

It has been said that this style must be accompanied with high heels to suit the current fashion trends; A bit different to the 70s when they would typically be styled with trainers.

So therefore, even though the trends of the two different ages differ slightly, it can still be said that it has made a comeback, and therefore is not a newly-found trend at all. Therefore, can it be classed as a trend?


Grunge Fashion

image if model in grunge fashion clothing

Image from Pixabay- No attribution required

The grunge look is back. Yes, you’re not reading this wrong! The fashion from the time of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is BACK!

Except, of course, it’s not 100% the same. 2018 has added its own twist.

The ‘grunge’ look usually consists of vintage tracksuit tops. 2018 has added the extras of high waisted jeans or dungarees, as well as slip dresses and cardigans. This type of fashion has been nicknamed the ‘pick and mix’ fashion where all sorts of different fashion types have been combined together to make this new 2018 grime look.

Again though, this is not a new fashion trend as it has taken inspirations from different trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s.


Faux Clothing

woman in faux jacket facing colourful wall

Photo by Santiago Pagnotta from Pexels

The use of real animal fur was discredited at the end of 2017 with major companies such as Gucci, Michael Kors, and Versace completely stopping the use in their products. Since then, the use of synthetic fur (Faux) has risen very quickly in popularity.

I mean lets face it, all girls have heard of the teddy bear fashion, right? It truly is a thing. eBay’s 2018 shopping reports show a 105% increase in faux fur items in just 90 days. I mean, if this isn’t a fashion trend, what is?

2018 has been packed with products featuring faux, mainly featuring in coats, jumpers and blanket, giving clothes a soft “teddy bear” feel.


So, based on the styles talked about in my blog, I would argue that nothing is truly a trend, as it seems to me that fashion never truly dies out. It always seems to make a comeback in some way; whether this is changing it to suit the new century or merging many fashion styles together to make something that appears new but actually isn’t at all.

Are you a follower of  any of these fashion styles?
Are there any you think should have been included that weren’t?
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