Whenever I am most stressed, music is what I turn to as it helps me stay positive.

The History of Music – Past to Present

Music has been being created since the beginning of time. Originally people had to play or listen to someone playing an instrument live. They didn’t have the luxuries of possibly not having to learn how to play an instrument in order to listen to it. Today, we can play instruments, record ourselves and/or others, and access other people’s famous creations online on many different platforms. This is a huge advantage to our lives today.

Positive for Mental Well-Being

Life can be stressful. No matter your age, financial state, relationship status, everyone has their own unique strains on their lives. Especially with technology and social media being around us all 24 hours of the day, we need to be able to find time to separate ourselves from the busy world around us. Music has been used to treat mental health for years. Music is loved all around the world and can be applied to anyone as an escape from their daily stress. Listening and/or creating music keeps me positive and makes me motivated to do more with my life. If I’m having a bad day, it never fails to turn it around.

Girl with headphones around neck

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My Experience

From a young age I have played the piano and used my voice as an instrument. I sang 24/7, no one could stop me singing, until as I got older, I sang less and less. When I faced my first proper exams aged 15 years old, I noticed it was music I gravitated to. I would get home from school and spend at least 3 hours at the piano. When I visit home, now 5 years on from that, I still go to the piano to use it as an escape to whatever I have going on. By accompanying myself on the piano whilst I’m singing, I don’t think about anything else other than what I’m doing right there and then.

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Image from Pexels.com (no attribution required).


Now that I live without a piano, I really feel the strain of not being able to have my time to just focus on playing my instrument. I personally feel as though I need to create my own music to fully relax and put my full effort and concentration into something that makes me happy. In modern day, moments like that are rare to find, where we focus purely on what we are doing in the moment. The constant distractions, technological devices included, put strain on our mental health, and to have a relaxation method is important. Music is mine.

Digital Impacts on Music

Today, with apps such as Spotify and Apple music, we as smartphone owners are never without music. I listen to music all the time, on my way to university, a classical piece for doing work, and up-beat pop tracks for the gym. It has such an effect on my mood. Even if I am in the worst mood, if I put on some of my favourite songs, it’s hard to stay moody. I have my tunes on me 24/7. We can also access music videos and stream songs through YouTube on our laptops or phones. There are so many options. We can now listen to to our favourite songs wherever we are due to technology, which is a massive bonus to our everyday lives.

Live Music

My favourite activity, more than anything else in the world, is attending music festivals. I attend Reading Festival annually and I look forward to it all year round. When you’re in a crowd, with everyone listening to their favourite artists, there is no better way, (in my opinion), to have fun and forget about all the stress around you. Lots of my friends feel the same, and there are more and more festivals being created due to how popular they are. For example, WILDLIFE, a new festival created by the artist ‘Disclosure’ that’s been running for the last 3 years at Shoreham Airport, was much more popular than anticipated. I have attended for 2 out of the 3 years held, as it was near where I lived. That was what sparked my love for festivals, and I’m sure many people from where I live would say the same.

Technology has helped us…

The digital impact and the easy access to music is amazing today in 2018. This is a hugely positive factor to modern day, as music is a huge help to relieving anxiety and increasing happiness. I think to maintain your mental well-being, you need to make time out of the day to listen or create music. It’s just like meditating to me, it puts me in a different mental state, and it can completely change my mood.