For this course we have something completely different Ben and Jerrys Phish Food ice cream. The trend of 2011 when you would beg your mum for some on a Friday night to sit and watch St.Trianans with, thinking you were the it girl of year 8 on Instagram. Well, the classic flavour never gets old (neither does St.Trinians) so bringing it back in 2018 won’t harm anyone. And especially with their new dairy free range, there really is something for everyone because of the dining trends of the digital age.

Photo Credit: Davinia Fielding-Cooke

You’re probably wondering why phish food is on the menu for today, well instead of my regular written post, today we’ve got a podcast for you. Talking to Allie Brooks, a current Riverside Fish employee. Discussing how good food isn’t enough anymore and all the dining trends of the digital age. Especially in the fish industry.

I hope you enjoy this week’s special and don’t forget to stay updated via our twitter account @avocadeex.

Speak next week.



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