Old fashioned cameras

Taken by myself. Photograph of a generation of cameras.


A term to describe the current state of the Internet and the place where the consumers attention is.

Social media has become a massive part of our lives over the last two decades. We are now able to talk to friends, family and keep up all relationships that are long distance. Social media is a great tool, we now rely on it to maintain all types of contact. Without it our generation would all be lost.

Social media was recognised in 1997 and it was called Six Degrees. It was there first social media site where the audience were able to create a profile and upload different content.

The earliest methods of communication was through a letter or face to face. Back then, nobody relied on social media like we do today. Nowadays we could not imagine how we would catch up with our friends without the use of technology.

“Social networking is now a billion dollar industry, but we can barely remember when it didn’t exist.” But where did social media begin?


In 1653, a Frenchman ‘De Valayer’ established a postal system in Paris where he set up different mailboxes and delivered any letter posted if they used pre – paid envelopes that he sold himself. In 1865, post was invented as a way to send letters quickly by Rowland Hill. He was a schoolmaster from England, where he developed and created the postal stamp system that we still use today.

When it comes to technology, the first form of online communication that was created was called the telegraph, which was invented in 1791 – 1872 (developed from 1830s – 40s.) This form of communication was a system that transmits messages from a distance along a wire. It was used to share sporting results, race meetings and was especially used to share information through the World Wars.


After Six Degrees was created, social media sites such as My Space, Flickr and LinkenIn became popular, which gained views in the early 2000s. These sites were created to share the audiences’ photographs.

In 1997 to 2000s people used cameras such as the “IXY.’ This device was known as the smallest and lightest camera in the world. Who else remembers having one of these when they were 9? Families also used digital camcorders and “PowerShot Pro”, which target audience was the people who loved to take photos. These are why sites like My Space were created.


After this, Youtube became a hit in 2005 and is still a big craze today and is constantly growing! With vloggers such as Zoella and GraceFitUK creating different content everyday, for all ages.

A year later (2006) came Twitter and Facebook, which are again still used in todays society. Due to Facebook being created around 14 years ago, users are on average a lot older. Other social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat have been created more for todays generation. Many adults have not grown with time as they knew life before technology.

Instagram was created in 2010 which is a social media sites mainly used on mobile phones, where users are able to upload any type of photo or video which creates their own profile.

Users take photographs nowadays just to upload it to Instagram; such as photos of their food, ‘selfies’ or anything else that happens in their day to day lives. Instagram is a way to get yourself out there to sell clothes and get sponsored by different brands. It can be used for travel, beauty and fashion blogs, where they can be recognised and create a bigger profile for themselves.

Instagram is used by many celebrities/influencers nowadays as a way of promoting different fashion and beauty products so that they become sponsored and sell the product to their following. Other companies use it as a way to promote their brand and find themselves new customers.


All social media sites in todays society are used for the same purposes but all slightly different. They all cater for at least one of your needs. Whether that is connecting with people from around the globe, promoting your brand or posting your favourite images. There will always be a social media sites that you will use. That doesn’t just include social media, it includes all type of technology. Whether that be a computer/laptop or mobile phone, whatever age you are it will be involved in your everyday life.

With the rise of use on social media sites there is becoming a huge decline on print (newspapers/ magazines) due to everybody finding out information through the use of social media. BBC has now become an iPhone app, where you can find news from around the world before they publish it. Although this is a positive for the role of technology, it is a downfall. Journalists are beginning to struggle as only 27% of the U.K are reading newspapers.

“Social media is now recognised everywhere and will continue to grow, with new ideas every week nobody knows what the future will hold.”

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