Social media has been a huge part of how I gained knowledge and formed my impression of what is a healthy diet.

Healthy eating has been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years. I’ve tried so many different diets over time, and this has increased my knowledge and experience on the area. However, I’m not entirely sure whether nutrition advise being so prevalent on social media is a positive or negative aspect to modern day society. Below are the different aspects to which social media impacts our healthy eating thoughts…

Stress Today on Healthy Diets

Of course, we all want to be fit and healthy. What we are is what we eat – right? Social media and many different apps can tell us exactly what we should be eating. All the different healthy options there is to keep a healthy balanced diet. Technology has made dieting a lot easier for some people. But for others, it can cause immense pressure behind the originally good intentions that technology was trying to bring to our lives. The healthy diet factor has never been more prevalent as it is today in 2018. Anxiety is created purely by seeing lots of people leading a lifestyle that perhaps isn’t as perfect as it looks on social media. Girls posting pictures of themselves smiling as they’re eating a salad, or drinking a smoothie. This can create pressures on viewers.

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Healthy Eating Can Reduce Anxiety

Having a well-balanced diet and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol are all factors which help reduce anxiety significantly. It can make you feel better, happier and productive with your time – I know I certainly do when I diet. Youtuber’s now show viewers how to create healthy meals, and often do ‘What I eat in a day’ videos. This is a massive positive impact on society today, as healthy eating couldn’t be easier. People share top tips through social media, and this can encourage others to keep a healthy lifestyle. There are apps such as ‘My Fitness Pal’ where you scan in your foods, and they tell you the calories, proteins, carbs etc. Having a healthy diet can lead to a healthy mind. With all the technology to help us, this digital impact is very positive for our mental well-being.

Pressure on Veganism

When I lived near Brighton, veganism and being vegetarian or pescatarian was a very popular lifestyle choice. I used to be vegetarian, and was for 2 whole years. Additionally, I have tried being vegan for 6 weeks! I feel some vegans can be intimidating sometimes to people who are not. I did also experience a lot of negativity from people who ate meat when I was vegan/vegetarian. This also made me feel uncomfortable. On social media, people voice their opinions heavily on the matter, and this can leave viewers not knowing which the best lifestyle is. For example, Deliciously Ella. A chef who makes meals on a plant-based diet, and has a very healthy eating regime, can make it appealing for people to become vegan. Some people believe social media has made Britain healthier.

Social Media Trends on Dieting: Good or Bad?

I would say that it has now almost become a trend to eat healthily. People posting their “instagrammable” foods of acai bowls, sushi and salads. Social influencers are all posting about what they eat and how they believe they keep a healthy diet. This impacts everyone on the social media platforms, as many people aspire to be like the influencers they follow. Of course, it’s a great thing that in this generation that there are so many keen dieters out there. Although, this does create a pressure to stay healthy, overall this is making the younger generations healthier, as they’re more health aware all because of social media.

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How we Keep Social Media Positive for our Mental Well-being

I like to look at this aspect of social media as predominantly a positive one. I think it’s good that today we are encouraged through platforms we regularly use to gain our full potential. It can become obsessive, and everyone needs to be mindful of what is a healthy and what is too far. However, putting nutritious foods in our bodies is a very important topic, and one that I feel social media is advertising to us all very well. I personally follow many Instagram pages to do with dieting such as, ‘homehealthyfoods’ and ‘healthyfoodadvice’ to keep me motivated and on track. I can feel guilty some days where I’ve eaten a bit too much chocolate. But, what we need to remember is that having treats are ok, everyone does it, even if they don’t share it on Instagram.

I think the best diet is…

What makes your body feel good. Whether it’s high/low in calories, involves meat, tofu or Quorn, or purely plant based. It’s important to listen to what our individual bodies are saying. Take advise from sources like social media, and apply it to our own unique bodies.