Millennials and Festivals, a combination only comparable to elderflower Gin and over-priced tonic. To those not involved, the appeal is but a mystery. You pay £250 to sleep in a muddy field with 4 different genres of music a blaring into one aggressive vibration around the burger cart that’s charging £9.50 for a hotdog with a no-festival RRP of 45p. So there lies the question, why? Why are festivals such a massive part of the lives of these youngsters? Why do they spend half of the year posting #SummerTB and #TB to the best festivals. The other half tweeting ‘count-down to glasto’ sitting by their laptops eagerly awaiting the inevitably slightly disappointing line-up? With the average weekend festival costing just over £500 there has to be a reason, beyond FOMO, for young brit’s cult following of Festivals.

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